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Kevin Kolb Chat #1

Senior quarterback Kevin Kolb stopped by on July 14th to discuss the upcoming season. Check out his answers below and don't forget to get all the latest news on Kolb's 2006 Heisman campaign at

UTPA Moderator: Good morning. University of Houston quarterback Kevin Kolb will be with you shortly. Let's have some fun with this and Go Coogs!
UTPA Moderator: Just a reminder that the Cougars open fall camp on August 2 and begin the season in a cross-town clash with Rice on September 2.
Kevin Kolb: I wear a black wristband on my left hand, starting about halfway through last season. It is in rememberance for all my family and their support. I have a big family that supports me. As for post-game, I visit my family's tailgate area and eat leftovers.

Joe Davis (Houston): Is there anything that you wear or do for good luck in the games. If so, what is it. What do your post game celebrations include?

Humble: How will a lighter Jackie Battle be utilized this season?
Kevin Kolb: The biggest thing that Jackie has done is that for the first time in his career he has grabbed the reigns as the number one running back. As for his weight, he is just a solid muscle. Larry Jackson's workouts have done this for all of us.

The Original Timmy Chan (Houston): In the last two years, you haven't had a season that statistically matches your freshman season. What do you think has been the difference between your freshman season and the last two seasons? I'll hang up and listen. Best of luck this season!
Kevin Kolb: Every season is different. That is why people have slumps. My first season no one knew our offense, and there was no preparation for our offense. And now people are keying on me and on our passing attack, which in turn makes it a little tougher. This year I feel we have so many weapons that is going to be hard to key on one guy.

Michael (Houston): First of all, I'd like to say Thank You for becoming a Houston Cougar and making us so proud. You have been a great representative for this University on, and off the field. What has been your most memorable game as a Houston Cougar QB?
Kevin Kolb: I still think that first Rice game (in 2003) was a lot of fun. That hooked me into college football.

Jim in Houston (Coog 57): Do we have any shovel pass plays in our offensive scheme? It was a very effective play during the run and shoot days.
Kevin Kolb: Oh, yes. We have multiple plays. You have to have the right defensive personnel in order to pull off a play like that.

Kyle Rucker (Houston): Kolb though you come on the year as the statistical leader in Most Quarterback Stats, where do you place yourself among the top college QBs this year?
Kevin Kolb: Anywhere from four to seven. I think we're all fairly even. But, some have performed better recently.

Kyle (Houston): Kolb, we all know the quarteback position is in good hands next year and our o line should be strong, but how are the RBs going to pan out?
Kevin Kolb: I think they'll be fine. Pope is very versatile and Jackie has already accepted the responsibility of taking over for Ryan (Gilbert) and Anthony (Evans).

Rob: Why did you choose UH instead of other colleges?
Kevin Kolb: Basically, I followed Coach Briles. UH was really an option until Coach Briles accepted the head coaching job here.

Larry (Houston): As you head into your fourth season as a starter, what are some of goals you have set for yourself and the team this year? How are they different from your previous seasons?
Kevin Kolb: For the team, it is no doubt a conference and bowl championships. The difference from other seasons is that we will and must win these games. Personally, I want to be the best quarterback in college football.

Rick (Houston): Since you are being promoted for the Heisman Trophy this year, who are some of your favorite Heisman Trophy winners that you have watched play in the past? What does the Heisman Trophy mean to you personally?
Kevin Kolb: Of course, Andre Ware! Then, my other favorite is Matt Leinart, the way he handled every thing and having another star on the team. (Winning the trophy) solidifies you in a category that no one can ever take away. it is such an elite group that every college football player dreams of being in.

Jeff (Montgomery, TX): Where do you see the Cougars finishing in the Conference USA race this season? Good luck
Kevin Kolb: I think no doubt at the top. There is no reason why we shouldn't be conference champions this season.

Tyler (Conroe, Texas): The Cougars have had some great QBs in the program history but you are on pace to overtake everyone in a lot of career categories. Without asking you to talk too much about yourself, where do you see yourself ranking among the UH all-time quarterbacks?
Kevin Kolb: That is a tough question. I don't think I would put myself at the top because I've had the luxury of starting four years.

Nathan (Tomball, TX): What advice would you give the quarterback who comes after you in the 2007 season?
Kevin Kolb: Be humble in every situation that is thrown at you and things will eventually turn out right. Secondly, just try to be as consistent in ball protection as you can be, game in and game out.

Connie (Atlanta, TX): What have you heard about your chances in the NFL and how do you think you can do at the next level?
Kevin Kolb: I think have a fairly good shot at playing in the NFL. I've heard some pretty encouraging things, but you never know until your time comes.
UTPA Moderator: Thanks for participating in this morning's chat with Heisman Trophy candidate Kevin Kolb. Be on the look out for his next chat sometime next month. Go Coogs!


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