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Kevin Kolb Chat :: August 4th

On Friday, August 4th senior quarterback Kevin Kolb will be stopping by and for the second time this summer to chat with fans.

Kevin and the Cougars are getting ready to start practice and were recently picked to finish third in the C-USA West Division.

Submit your questions now and check back on August 4th to see what Kevin had to say about the upcoming season.

Moderator: Good afternoon, Cougar Fans. With us today is our Heisman Trophy candidate, quarterback Kevin Kolb. The chat will begin in just a few minutes.

Paul Marlow (Houston): Kevin, I admire the way you have handled yourself threw the ups and downs of the previous three years and think you are a great ambassador for the school. Good luck on the season and your run for the Heisman! Questions: 1) Do you plan be more mobile this year and use the option game more like your freshman year? Will we see the use of the fullback more? I think you running adds an addition dimension to the offense that makes someone have to keep track of just you or you could rack up yards.
Kevin Kolb: I do plan on being more moblie. I have dropped close to 12 pounds. Not necessarily through the option play but just overall trying to become a more versatile player with my legs. Not sure about the fullback question.

Robert (Houston): Hi Kevin. What must UH do this year that we haven't in the past to get over the hump and win the conference championship?
Kevin Kolb: We have to stay mentally focused, week in and week out.

Rob (Pearland): Is there anything you will miss after your final game in a cougar uniform?
Kevin Kolb: The list is too long. You don't realize it now, but once I'm gone it will all start to hit me of what I will miss about year later.

Will (Honolulu, Hawaii): Kevin, Do you play NCAA 2007 for the XBOX 360? Your rating in the game is 92, top 5 QB's in college football and V.Marshall is rated a top 5 WR and rated the #1 most elusive. This year the Cougars have potentially 4 or 5 excellent receivers for you to throw to in Vincent Marshall, Donnie Avery, Jeron Harvey, and newcomer Biren Early. Also Anthony Aldridge. The Cougars are gonna win 10+ games this year are'nt they? Have Fun out there and Go Coogs!
Kevin Kolb: No, I don't play XBox. As you know, I'm an outdoorsman, so in my free time I usually go fishing or go hunting.

Joe Mendez (Houston): Hey Kevin, will there be more plays for Jeron Harvey and Biren Ealy in the offense to take advantage of their height and speed over smaller DBs? Well I look forward to seeing the Cougars kick some butt this year and win the Conference USA Championship. Go Coogs!!! Joe
Kevin Kolb: No doubt about it. The ball will be spread around quite evenly because everyone is so talented.

Jed (Cleveland, TX): Do you consider yourself superstitious? Any special pregame rituals?
Kevin Kolb: I don't have any superstitiions at all. It says in the bible not be superstitious and that was pointed out to me when I was in high school.

Joe (Katy): What are looking forward to most during your final football season at Houston?
Kevin Kolb: Putting together a memorable season, which includes a conference championship and a bowl championship.

Laura (Lawrence, KS): If the football team was on 'Survivor', who would survive the longest?
Kevin Kolb: Sterling Doty. Sterling's had to fight for everything he's had his entire life.

Meyke (Ypsilanti, MI): What's your favorite football movie and who's your favorite character?
Kevin Kolb: My favorite football movie has to be Rudy, and my favorite character is the offensive lineman who turned in his jersey so Rudy could play.

Jessica (Houston): Who is your favorite, non-football, athlete? Why?
Kevin Kolb: Lance Berkman. Because he gets the job done and he is not flashy about it.
Moderator: Thanks to everyone for stopping by and thanks to Kevin for taking time out of practice to drop by.


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