Kevin Kolb
On Monday, August 28th Heisman Trophy candidate Kevin Kolb will be stopping by to answer your questions.

Kevin and the Cougars will open the season on Saturday, September 2nd against cross-town rival Rice at 8:00pm on CSTV. The game will also be streamed live online at through the new All-Access product.

Kevin enters the season with a Division I-A best 36 consecutive starts and is on the verge of breaking every UH passing mark.

Moderator: Good afternoon everyone. We are lucky to have senior quarterback Kevin Kolb with us today to answer your questions.
Moderator: We already have a list of questions ready for today's session but please feel free to submit more questions on as the chat moves along.
Moderator: Kevin has just walked into our office, so let's begin with the first question.

Luke (Ganado): What steps has the team taken to improve redzone scoring? Last year it seemed like we would stall out too often in the redzone (Memphis game comes to mind).
Kevin Kolb: Basically, it has remained a focus. At the end of each practice, we work on our 1-minute performance and our red-zone performance. Kevin congrats on all your accomplishments.what advice can you give my17 yr. old senior with D-1 potential thanks Dave
Kevin Kolb: First, thank you for the compliments. The biggest then I can tell your son is to not let your ego get involved. Go to school that fits your style of play where you can get the most playing time as possible.

Jerry (Houston): What are the keys to having a successful Cougar season?
Kevin Kolb: The biggest thing for us is to not to kill ourselves. We have the talent and the coaching to have an undefeated season. We just can't let our own mistakes continue to burden us.

John Watson (Houston): It seems that we had better talent than several of the teams we lost to last year; but mistakes kept us from winning several of those games. What has the team done differently this year to minimize mistakes?
Kevin Kolb: The biggest thing is our senior leadership. Our nucleus of seniors has taken it upon itself to make sure that the team is focused game in and game out.

Brent(Pasadena): How excited are you about the upcoming 2006 season and the possibility of winning C-USA and breaking all of UH's passing records along the way?
Kevin Kolb: I think it is unexplainable. The emotion that I have right now is the best ever. We just have to keep this roller coaster going and pile up some wins.

Matt (Houston): What one team do you want to beat the most this year, whether it be payback for a previous loss, a rivarly, or a big-time game? Of course we're expecting to win them all, but which do you think would be the most satisfying?
Kevin Kolb: Honestly, it has to be Rice. IF we get off to the wrong foot against Rice, then it is going to be a hard bump to get over to continue to a successful season.

Julie (Katy): As you approach the first game of the season what are you most looking forward to?
Kevin Kolb: I am looking forward to seeing our ability, putting it all together on the field against an opponent. We feel like our ability is umlimited so we are ready to test it.

Roddy (Longview): On that play when you run horizontal to the line of scrimmage, what is your read on that? I think it is a great play.
Kevin Kolb: The first read is defensive end. Then once I roll out, I try to puyt the linebacker in a bind and make him choose either the receiver or myself.

Victor (Palacios): If you have Quick, Avery, Vincent and Ealy on the field, who is not going to be double covered? That is a lot of speed for the opponent.
Kevin Kolb: Exactly. That is what we are all so excited about. Every player has the ability to make big plays and that's what you want from an offensive standpoint.
Moderator: Are there any more questions out there for Kevin?
Moderator: We have run out of early questions, but fans are more than welcome to send in your questions now.
Moderator: That's all the time that we have for senior quarterback Kevin Kolb today. Stay alert to for future chats and events with Kevin. Thanks for participating today, and we will see you at the stadium soon!