Information For Sports Agents Registered With The State Of Texas

    Agents' interaction with and provision of benefits to student-athletes: NCAA rules strictly prohibit student-athletes from entering into any type of agreement (including verbal agreements) with an individual to represent that student-athlete in marketing his or her athletics skills at any point in the future. NCAA rules also prohibit student-athletes from receiving any type of benefit (including, but not limited to, meals, travel, loans and benefits to family members or friends) from sports agents or individuals affiliated with sports agents. Receipt of benefits from financial planner based on the student-athletes earning potential as a professional athlete are also prohibited by NCAA rules. The University of Houston is committed to protecting the eligibility of our student-athletes and enforcing its policies, the laws of the State of Texas and the rules of the NCAA. If you are unclear if your actions as a sports agent adhere to these pieces of legislation please feel free to contact the University of Houston Office of Athletics Compliance for assistance.

    University of Houston policy and Texas law prohibits sports agents from contacting student-athletes with eligibility remaining without coordinating such contact through the Office of Athletics Compliance. Please refer to the University of Houston Agent policy in this section for additional information.

    Texas Agent Act: The Texas Agent Act is state law that restricts the activities of sports agents in the State of Texas and those wishing to represent student-athletes enrolled at collegiate institutions in the State of Texas. The Texas Agent Act can be accessed by clicking here.

    Texas Secretary of State, Frequently Asked Questions About the Agent Act: The Office of the Secretary of State of the State of Texas has developed a list of frequently asked questions regarding the Texas Agent Act. This information can be accessed by clicking here.

    University of Houston Agent Policy: The University of Houston has developed an agent policy that meets the needs of our student-athletes but also provides sports agents with opportunities to communicate with our student-athletes through the Office of Athletics Compliance. This policy, which requires registration with the University of Houston by all sports agents, can be accessed by clicking here.

    University of Houston Agent Registration Application: Agents registered with the State of Texas must also register with the University of Houston in order to have access to our student-athletes. An application to register with our department can be accessed by clicking here.

    *Please note that only sports agents registered with the State of Texas and the University of Houston will be provided the opportunity to meet with our student-athletes. Interviews will only be scheduled with student-athletes entering their last year of intercollegiate athletics eligibility.


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