NCAA Student Athlete Employment Rules

    Please observe the following directives governing student-athlete employment.

  • Registration of Employment with the Office of Athletics Compliance
    • Student-athletes must register his/her employment activity (voluntary or compensated) with the compliance office by completing out a form detailing the following
      • Place of employment (address, phone, etc)
      • Name of supervisor
      • Nature of job
      • Wage/compensation
      • Expected hours per week
      • Expected duration of employment
    • Registration must be completed prior to start of work
    • Registration is required for any part of the calendar year while you are an active student-athlete including the summer or vacation periods

  • Compensation to Student Athletes
    • May be received only for work actually performed, AND
    • At a similar rate to a similar job in a similar area
    • Note: compensation may not be received for using the student-athlete's reputation, publicity, fame, or personal following gained from athletic ability

  • Compensation for Specific Athletically Related Activities
    • Compensation may be received for teaching in one's own sport on a fee-for-lesson basis, as long as:
      • No institutional facilities used,
      • Playing lessons are not permitted,
      • The institution keeps records of who receives the lessons and how much was paid for the lessons, and
      • The lesson is paid for by the recipient or recipient's family.
      • Instruction to each individual is comparable to that which would be received during a private lesson, when the instruction involves more than one person at a time.
      • The student-athlete must not use his or her name, picture, or appearance to promote the lessons.
    • Athletics Equipment Sales
      • Student-athlete cannot be employed to sell equipment related to his or her sport if his or her name, picture, or reputation is used to advertise or promote.
      • As long as the name, picture, and reputation are not used, student-athlete may be employed in a sales position as long as the rate of pay is commensurate with non-athlete salespeople.

  • Camp or Clinic Employment
    • Student-athletes may be employed by their own institution, another institution, or by a private organization to work in a camp or clinic, unless otherwise restricted by the NCAA.

  • Self Employment
    • Student-athletes may run their own business as long as their name, photograph, appearance, or athletics reputation are not used to promote the business.

    By entering my name below, I verify I have reviewed and understand the NCAA's student-athlete employment rules. I also agree to register my employment with the University of Houston, Office of Athletics Compliance prior to beginning work.

    I also acknowledge violating the aforementioned rules and procedures shall affect my eligibility, and I agree to adhere to all NCAA rules and University of Houston policies relative to student-athlete employment.

    Full Legal Name: Date: UH Student ID Number: Sport:


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