Mission of the Office of Athletics Compliance

    The fundamental mission of the Office of Athletics Compliance at the University of Houston is to assist the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics in providing its student-athletes with opportunities to progress toward meaningful degrees and a rewarding future while developing their athletic skills in an environment characterized by high academic standards, and the uppermost levels of competition, sportsmanship, leadership and integrity.

    The University of Houston is committed to participating at the highest levels of intercollegiate competition while maintaining the highest degree of institutional control and adherence to all institutional, American and NCAA rules and regulation. As a result, the Office of Athletics Compliance shall serve as a resource to all individuals associated with our athletics program by setting policies and procedures intended to reduce the possibility of inadvertent violations of rules, enhance the monitoring of our athletics program with an intended purpose of practicing institutional control and providing educational information regarding rules and regulations to our coaches, administrators, faculty, boosters, student-athletes and prospects and their parents.

    In order to establish and then maintain a certifiable compliance program, it is necessary to educate and then monitor in an effective, comprehensive, organized, and understandable manner all affected persons and programs.

    If you have any questions or concerns or know of any possible NCAA violations, please don't hesitate to contact the Houston Athletics Compliance Office at 713-743-9365.

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