Strength And Conditioning

    In college athletics today, the cornerstone of any student-athlete's success on the court is year-round preparation. The Elmer Redd Strength & Conditioning Center in the University of Houston's Athletics/Alumni Center provides Cougar student-athletes the opportunity to become faster, stronger and more flexible.

    A comprehensive program under the direction of Director of Sports Performance Larry Jackson points Houston student-athletes in the right direction as they strive to reach their goals.

    Covering 16,500 square feet, the weight room contains the most modern and innovative weight training and conditioning equipment in the world. Cougar student-athletes improve their strength using power lifting equipment that includes benches, incline benches and power squat racks. The benches and squat racks are custom-designed to fit the largest and smallest student-athletes.

    There are more than 50,000 pounds of equipment in the center. In recent years, a $500,000 renovation campaign brought state-of-the-art equipment from PowerLift and a new Infinity Performance floor system, featuring nearly 4,300 individual tiles.

    Conveniently located next to the Sports Medicine office and team locker rooms, the Elmer Redd Strength and Conditioning Center provides a highly competitve, emotionally-charged and hard-working atmosphere. A stereo system is tuned to the latest hits, and mirrors line the walls. Dry-erase boards list the workout schedules and other information.

    The strength and conditioning staff coordinate with athletic trainers to devise safe and effective workouts for the rehabilitation of injured student-athletes.

    Just as an off-season program is the cornerstone of athletics success, Houston's Elmer Redd Strength and Conditioning Center is a cornerstone of the Athletics/Alumni Center.



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