Fan Guide

    Reliant Stadium Tailgating Policies
    Applies to the following games: Southern (Aug. 30), BYU (Oct. 19), USF (Oct. 31), SMU (Oct. 31)

    Reliant Stadium not only allows tailgating, it encourages it! We want Reliant Stadium to provide the finest tailgating experience, so we have established a few guidelines to make your tailgating party great.

    For information regarding official tailgating packages at Reliant Stadium, please contact Shannon Shoemaker at sshoemaker@reliantpark.comor 832-667-1820.

    • Parking lots will open 4 hours prior to kickoff or at the discretion of management for all events.
    • You must purchase from the parking cashier or in advance additional spaces used to accommodate oversized vehicles or additional space for tailgating.
    • Parking is first come/first served; saving of spots will not be permitted.
    • Gates to Reliant Stadium will open 1 1/2 hours prior to kickoff at Houston's home games and at the discretion of management for all other events.
    • Tailgating will be limited to the parking spot and space directly behind or in front of each vehicle, whichever is adjacent to the drive lane, but not blocking the lane. You may not tailgate beyond the blue lines marked in the drive lane.
    • Each valid parking receipt/hangtag is good for one 8'x16' parking spot.
    • Fans can purchase one additional parking space/hangtag for the additional tailgating area (except for blue lots 16-18).
    • RV's & Oversized Vehicles will enter the South Kirby Blue Lot at Gate 9 and pay $100 cash and directed to Section 20 (can occupy 6 spaces). Any additional vehicles must enter with RV or oversized vehicle and accompany to parking area.
    • Barbeques in tow will need to purchase an additional space and be able to provide receipts upon request.
    • Open flames are allowed but guests must extinguish flames before entering Reliant Stadium.
    • For safety purposes, all tents, chairs, etc. must be put away prior to enter in Stadium.
    • Large balloons are not permitted as decoration.
    • The use of golf carts, bikes, scooters and other motorized equipment are strictly prohibited.
    • Music should be kept to a minimum.
    • Reliant Park will conform to all Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission laws, including the section that prohibits the public consumption of alcoholic beverages outside of licensed areas on Sundays prior to 10:00 a.m.  Violation of state law could result in arrest or citation.  Reliant Park urges you to drink responsibly and never drink and drive.  
    • Please observe and obey the parking attendants and police when parking your vehicle.
    • You must park as directed by the parking attendants. Vehicles will be parked systematically, stall by stall, row by row, regardless of the occupancy status of the lot. Failure to park as directed can result in termination of your parking privileges.
    • Blocking or saving parking spaces is prohibited. Fans who wish to tailgate together must arrive together. 
    • Overnight parking is not allowed, unless authorized by management.
    • Fire Extinguisher : Minimum rating of 2-A:10-B:C Must be fully charged and available at all times.
    • Charcoal : Must be match-light or quick-light type of charcoal. Use of lighter fluid is strictly prohibited. Provide a metal pan under the B-B-Q pit to prevent ashes from falling onto the ground. Deposit coals in the orange containers provided. Do not throw trash in the ashbins.
    • Propane : Ensure connections are tight to prevent leaks. Drippings from gas grills must not fall onto the ground.
    • Trash : Keep area clear of trash. Avoid allowing trash to accumulate around B-B-Q pits. Deposit trash in green dumpsters, not in orange ash containers.
    • Pit Safety : Keep combustible materials at least three (3) feet away from pits. Placement of pits should be such that passers by cannot come into contact with the pit. Watch for children playing in the area. Do not leave burning pits unattended. DO NOT PLACE HOT PITS OR COALS UNDER VEHICLES. ALLOW TIME FOR PITS TO COOL.
    • Generators : Use of Generators is allowed; however, fuel must be stored in (UL) approved metal safety cans with spring-loaded lid and flashback guard.
    • LP -Gas cooking appliances shall be UL listed and approved for use.
    • LP -Gas cylinders shall be secured in an upright position to keep from falling and positioned to prevent impact from vehicle traffic.
    • Portable generators shall not be filled while running and fuel shall be stored in a UL listed metal safety can (2 gals. Maximum).
    • Portable generators and fuel shall be stored away from cooking appliances.
    • Disposable LP-Gas cylinders shall notbe disposed of in orange ash dumpsters.

    Any violation of the Fire Safety Regulations will be subject to citations being issued by the City of Houston Fire Inspector.

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