Fan Guide

    Alcoholic Beverage Policies
    Alcohol may not be brought into Reliant Stadium. Guests who appear to be under age 35 are required to show valid photo ID indicating legal proof of age when purchasing alcohol at Reliant Stadium. Alcohol sales are limited to two (2) drinks per person per transaction. All public alcohol sales will end at the end of the third quarter. Please note that different areas of Reliant Stadium are licensed for different types of alcoholic drinks (beer only, both beer and liquor or neither). The Reliant Stadium staff will prevent certain drinks from being taken from a licensed area into a non-licensed area. For instance, beverages purchased in a Verizon Wireless Club Lounge must be consumed in the Lounge and may not be removed from that area. These policies are the law and will be strictly enforced.

    Bag Policy
    The NFL Bag policy is not in effect for Houston's games in Reliant Stadium.

    Bag Searches
    For your safety, bag searches will be performed at all entrances to Reliant Stadium. In order to expedite this process, please leave all unnecessary items in your vehicle or at home and have any items open for search before you approach a gate. Items not permitted into the Stadium must be returned to your vehicle or discarded. Staff may not store or hold items for you until postgame. Please be aware that at certain times pat-down searches or additional security measures may be implemented upon all persons entering Reliant Stadium. Please be prepared and arrive early to the game to allow for this extra security procedure.

    Banners and Signs
    The Houston Texans and Reliant Stadium welcome signs and banners but request that you adhere to specific guidelines in order to ensure that these articles do not detract from the enjoyment of other guests. Banners and signs should in no way infringe on the sightlines of other fans and must be small enough for one person to hold. They may not be affixed to anything in Reliant Stadium or held so that they block the view of scoreboards or any permanent signage in the Stadium. In addition, poles are prohibited in Reliant Stadium, so banners or signs affixed to a pole will not be permitted into the stadium. All banners and signs must be in good taste, must be in the spirit of the event and must not have any corporate name, logo or message. The Texans reserve the right to remove any banner or sign that does not meet these guidelines.

    Cameras and Video Recorders
    Fans are welcome to bring small flash photography cameras into Reliant Stadium, but no professional lenses or lenses over 12" are permitted. Digital cameras are also permitted as long as they do not record video. Please do not block any aisles or the view of other fans while taking pictures. Video cameras and audio recorders are not permitted in Reliant Stadium and will not be stored during the game.

    Emergency Phone Numbers and Paging
    To contact someone during a game in the event of an emergency, please visit a Guest Services Information Booth or call 832.667.1400. Pages will only be made for emergency situations. If you are anticipating an emergency phone call, please report your name and seat number to the Guest Services Information Booth so you can be easily located.

    Emergency Evacuation
    An emergency evacuation video will be shown at the stadium 30 minutes prior to kickoff to show guests where, and how to evacuate in case of an emergency.

    Fan Code of Conduct
    Reliant Stadium is a fan-friendly environment. We are committed to creating a safe, comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone. Our staff will proactively intervene to support an environment where the game will not be disrupted by the interference of guest actions or any unauthorized persons on the playing field. This includes refraining from obscene or indecent language and gestures, as well as inappropriate clothing. All guests must show their ticket when requested and only sit in their ticketed seat.

    The Houston Texans Two Strike Program allows for a warning to fans who are disruptive or acting inappropriately by giving out a yellow card with a reminder about our Fan Code of Conduct. However, if a staff person must approach someone a second time during a game for inappropriate behavior, the fan will be required to leave Reliant Park property. Any fan acting in a disruptive manner will be asked to leave immediately. Evicted guests are not welcome to return for the remainder of the game and may be subject to further disciplinary action, including the revocation of season tickets.

    Lost and Found
    Found articles may be turned into any Guest Services Information Booth and will be recorded by Reliant Stadium staff. Guests needing assistance in retrieving lost items during games may proceed to a Guest Services Information Booth or call the Reliant Park Lost and Found phone number (832.667.1714) on weekdays. Items will be held for 30 days.

    Lost Children
    If you are separated from a child, please proceed to the nearest Guest Services Information Booth for assistance. In addition, if you should find a child that has been separated from his or her group, please request assistance from the nearest staff person or police officer. If outside of Reliant Stadium, please call 832.667.1400.

    National Football League policy prohibits noisemakers from being brought inside the Stadium. This includes, but is not limited to, all horns, including air horns, cow bells and whistles. We reserve the right to confiscate any item that does not adhere to this policy.

    Prohibited Items
    For your safety and the continuity of the game on the field, the following items are prohibited in Reliant Stadium: backpacks, bags larger than 11"X17", beach balls, bottles, cans, containers, coolers, fireworks, footballs brought in from outside, Frisbees, illegal substances, laptop computers, laser pens, noisemakers, outside food and beverages and weapons/firearms. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list and other items may be prohibited from Reliant Stadium if they are deemed to be dangerous or disruptive. Guests are not permitted to bring outside food, beverages, thermoses, coolers, backpacks, bags or jugs into Reliant Stadium. Children's juice boxes, infant bottles and items necessary for medical purposes are permitted.

    Re-Entry into Reliant Stadium
    Once you leave Reliant Stadium, you may not re-enter. In the event of an emergency, please visit a Guest Services Information Booth (see maps on pages 24 and 25). Please note that the Go Texan Store and Budweiser Plaza cannot be accessed from inside the Stadium until after the first quarter.

    Suspicious activity, disruptive guests and guest related problems should be reported to a Guest Services Team Member or police officer immediately. Uncooperative guests showing disregard for Reliant Stadium or the Texans may be ejected from the facility. Intoxicated fans will not be allowed into the Stadium. An ejected guest is no longer welcome for the remainder of the game and must vacate Reliant Stadium and the Reliant Park grounds. They may not re-enter the building, even with a valid admission ticket. Re-entry by an ejected guest is grounds for arrest.

    You and your belongings may be searched upon entry into the Stadium. By tendering this ticket and entering the Stadium, you consent to such searches and waive any related claims that you might have against the NFL, its member clubs, their affiliates and stadium landlord, or their agents. If you elect not to consent to the searches, you will be denied entry into the Stadium.

    In consideration of the health and comfort of others, smoking is not permitted in the seating area or on the concourses. There are designated smoking terraces located on all four sides of the Field Level and the Verizon Wireless Club Level and also in each corner of the Upper Level. Please note that certain smoking terraces may be closed at times; however, alternate smoking terraces on the same level will remain open.

    Standing Room Only
    Every ticket has a seat assignment. Please note that there are no standing room only tickets, and ushers will be clearing the top of each section and aisle. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping the sightlines clear for all fans.

    Although not a prohibited item, the Houston Texans and Reliant Stadium request that you do not bring strollers into the Stadium, as there is no place to store them and they pose a trip hazard when left in aisles or seating areas.

    Ticketing and Will Call
    Children: All children two years of age and older must have a ticket. Those children under the age of two do not need a ticket and are expected to sit on an adult's lap during the game.
    Resale/Scalping: Reselling or scalping tickets is strictly prohibited in Reliant Stadium or on Reliant Park property. Violators are subject to prosecution by the Houston Police Department.
    Will Call: Gameday will call windows, located on the south side of Reliant Stadium (near the Amegy Bank Gate), open two hours prior to kickoff and remain open until halftime. A picture ID is required and tickets will only be released to the person whose name appears on the ticket envelope. Third party will call will not be accepted.

    Umbrellas are permitted in Reliant Stadium if they are small enough to be stored under your seat during the game.

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