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    Volleyball Student-Athlete Meredith Ware to Chair C-USA SAAC Committee

    Meredith Ware to Chair C-USA SAAC
    Meredith Ware to Chair C-USA SAAC

    July 20, 2012

    HOUSTON — University of Houston junior volleyball student-athlete Meredith Ware was recently named Chairperson of the Conference USA Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) for the 2012-13 school year, voted on by her fellow C-USA peers.

    “Meredith is not only an incredibly bright student-athlete, but an extremely hard worker and caring individual. She will be a huge asset to Conference USA and will represent the University of Houston well,” said Sasha Blake, Director of Cougar Pride Leadership Academy. 

    Each Conference USA school delegates one student-athlete to represent it on the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. The committee advises both conference and university administrators on issues and concerns relative to college athletics and connects with other student-athletes across the country.

    “I am very excited to serve on both C-USA and University of Houston's SAAC and I cannot wait to see what the year holds,” said Ware.

    As the Committee Chairperson, Ware will represent Conference USA during national SAAC events. She recently returned from the annual C-USA meetings in Irving last week.

    “Our Chairperson will work with us as a liaison to set our agendas and goals for the academic year while also helping us move forward through the academic year highlighting our campus SAACs and their great work,” said Director of Compliance and Sport Services and C-USA liaison for SAAC Frank Arredondo. “In addition, Meredith and the Vice-Chairperson will help lead our subcommittees in their specific assignments and roles within our structure.  Both are excited for this leadership opportunity and should serve us well.”

    Ware is a two-time Commissioner’s Honor Roll recipient and was awarded a C-USA Academic Medal during her freshman year, while studying biology. 

    Houston has chaired two of the last three years for C-USA. Former Houston golfer Clark Mitzner was the most recent Cougar to chair the committee, as he filled that role in 2010-11.

    East Carolina softball student-athlete Jill Jelnick will assist Ware this year as Vice-Chairman.

    C-USA SAAC Mission Statement
    To provide a forum for student-athlete to express ideas, concerns, and opinions relating to NCAA and Conference legislation as well as other issues that affect their welfare. Maintain a positive environment that fosters a healthy relationship between athletic administrators and student-athletes. Provide an environment that values cultural diversity and gender equity among student-athletes and community service. 

    About C-USA SAAC
    In 1998, the NCAA adopted proposal No. 98-99 which mandated that Division I conferences have a student-athlete advisory committee, thus Conference USA SAAC was formed. The Committee consists of twelve members (one from each institution). One of the twelve members serves as Chair and one member serves as Vice Chair. The Committee meets five times a year, including one in-person meeting.

    The Committee provides insight on the student-athlete experience and offers input on the rules, regulations and polices that affect student-athletes' lives within Conference USA. The Committee functions to strengthen the communication between the campus and national committees. The Committee reviews all issues relating to the student-athlete experience and welfare. Through increased communication and networking, the SAAC hopes to better represent the views of all student-athletes.

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