Ask Kevin

Aug. 9, 2006
July 18, 2006
July 11, 2006

1. I understand that football is a complete team sport, but I would like to know if you are ready to lead this team, in every facet of this season, to an undefeated season??? (Cougar Neil)

A: Of course I'm ready to lead this team. That thought has dominated my mind this entire spring and summer. You know a lot of time people talk big like having an undefeated season, but this team really does have the potential to do something that special. We've just got to take it game by game and have some people step up, including myself.

2. We have enjoyed watching you since your freshman year. Best wishes for what we hope will be your greatest season! My son and I have met you on several occasions during your time at U of H and have always been impressed with how respectful you are with taking the time to converse with your fans. Here's to a fantastic injury free season, with a trip to Memphis to the Liberty Bowl for the team and a trip to New York for the Heisman for you! Eat 'em Up! (Craig Miller)

A: Thank you very much for the compliments. I have to say that most of that credit should go to my parents. They have done an incredible job keeping grounded and keeping things in focus.

3. I really do not have a question - just wish you the very best and pray for no injury.
See you at practice and the games. (Ben Hibbler)

A: Thank you! And I will take all the non-injury prayers I can get. Thanks again!

4. Are we going to have the mental toughness to beat every team with less or equal talent as the Cougars and some of the teams with better talent? We have not come close to that the last two years. I'll be there to see the answer on the field of play. Best of luck to you and the team. (Jim Roberts) A: That's a good question, because it seems that some games we are not always there mentally and that is very evident. I believe that solution is being dealt with right this minute, with Coach Briles focus on more discipline. Coach Jackson( new weight training coach) is a vital part to that discipline and it should help us to deal with that issue.

5. I want to know why you didn't tell me about this. Why did I have to find out from someone else?
Go Coogs!!! (Roy Kolb)

A: My bad pops!

6. No question, just congratulations on your success to this point and all the best in your senior year. We will be rooting for you in the Heisman race. Go Coogs!
P.S. Congratulations on your engagement. (Lonnie and Barbara Clements)

A: Thanks! And I'll tell Whitney!

7. Hey Kevin, I am looking forward to seeing the Cougars kick some butt this year and win the Conference USA Championship. My question is, are there going to be more pass plays involving Jeron Harvey and Biren Ealy? Thank You and GO COOGS!!! (Joe Mendez)

A: I don't think that there is any question that they will be more involved. They are too big of weapons not to get a lot of touches and also I'm sure that Vincent will be getting a lot of attention as usual, so it should open them up a little more.

8. No Question. Just want to thank you for coming to UH and getting the program back into the right direction. I am a season ticket holder and drive in from San Antonio, since you and your class came in the drive back home has been a lot more enjoyable. Looking forward to a great season. (Albert Dovalina)

A: Thank you very much!

9. Just wanted to say the Board of Directors for Frontier Fiesta 2007 wishes you and the rest of the team good luck in the upcoming season. Were behind you all the way. Bring the Heisman to Houston!!!! Go Coogs!!! (Chase Levay)

A: Thanks and I'll do my best!

10. Hi Kevin, It's been a pleasure watching you play for my Coogs the last 3 years. Heading into this season, what are some things you need to improve upon at quarterback this season? Also, whom was your favorite quarterback growing up as a kid? Thanks...Go Coogs! (Brad)

A: One thing that I've given a lot of thought, is trying to become a little more of a dual threat quarterback. I have lost 10lbs. this off-season to try and help a become a little quicker. Another thing is just trying to let the game come to me. Sometimes I, along with many athletes, try to do to much. If I just play within our system the big plays will come. My favorite player was no doubt Brett Favre.

11. Over the past 55 years I have followed cougar football I do not recall a more talented young athlete than you. Best wishes to you and the team for this 2006 season. P.S. don't let this pressure for a Heisman Award bother you. Just play your game and everything else will work out for the better. (Gene)

A: Well thanks a lot for the compliments and the support. I'm not even thinking about the award at all. I know first things first and that is the Rice Owls.

12. We are praying for the coogs this year and we will be on the 50 screaming for you guys! Do you personally see an improvement in our overall team strength, health, etc.? I know that in the tv ad for the season, you guys look slimmer and stronger. Personally, I would love to see you guys beat the snot out of um. I was there last time we played in the Orange bowl, and it was not fun. Payback time. God Bless, BT and Family (Bart)

A: I definitely think that we are in a lot better shape. Like I said before, just personally I have lost 10lbs. and feel better than any other off-season by far. Coach Jackson has focused on our core and dynamic flex in our workouts (which is abs, hip flexors, etc.) and it has increased our overall agility tremendously.

13. What are the chances you and the team can put together an undefeated Conference-USA season and head to the Liberty Bowl? (Brentsky)

A: I really feel that an undefeated season is not an unattainable goal! We are very talented and are seem to have great chemistry through this spring and summer.

14. Good luck to you KK in the upcoming year, and greetings from the Middle East. My question is along the lines of the plays run. Have more plays been added with the extra talent at receiver and TE? (Cary)

A: Actually they haven't been added, because we already have them in place. But I do think that they will be revealed quite a few more times this season.

15. Are we going to the Liberty Bowl this year? Let's kick some butt this year starting with our first opponent...the Rice Owls. There's nothing I would like better than whooping some Owls to kick of the season. I have season tickets again this year and have really enjoyed watching you play. Keep it up and I expect to see you playing on Sundays some day too...hopefully for the Texans. (Chris)

A: There is no doubt in my mind that we will be Conference-USA Champions this year, but beating the Owls is definitely the first thing on our agenda.

16. son and I are big fans. We just want to say good luck this season and we would both like to meet you and Vincent Marshall one day (for autographs of course). We have been fans since you both started at UH. We like the wide open offense you operate in. I have one comment. You seemed more effective in your freshman and sophomore years, when you were scrambling for 1st downs when your receivers were covered. It seemed last year your rush attempts out of the pocket were few and far between. Just curious if the offense has changed. Thanks again and good luck. GO COOGS! (Robert)

A: First, thanks for the support of the coogs. Anytime you see Vincent or myself don't hesitate to come say hello. Secondly, the offense hasn't changed away from me running the ball. Coach and I have talked about incorporating more of that in this year. A running QB is definitely an added threat for the defense to worry about.