Ask Kevin

Aug. 9, 2006
July 18, 2006
July 11, 2006

1. I am 8 years old and I go lots of Cougar games. I want to go to University of Houston when I grow up. My mom and dad both went there. I met you at Cougar fan fest last year and you signed my poster. I'm praying that you have a great year this year. My question is: is it fun being a football player? (Kayleigh)

A: It's a blast. Now, I will tell you that it is pretty much a job. The hours are long and the work is extensive. But whenever you get under those lights and get to perform in front of thousands of people it makes it all worth while.

2. Kevin, I have truly enjoyed seeing you light it up over the last three years! And, I can't wait for this season to begin! You're going to have a great senior year....I think everyone feels it...I know I do! GO COOGS! (Geoff)

A: Thank you very much and I am also very optimistic about the season.

3. I am a '96 graduate but have been a season ticket holder since 1990. Honestly, I have not been as excited about a UH football season since the run-n-shoot days. I know that Coach Briles didn't get the train really rolling in Stephenville until his fourth year. Well, I figure he's due and this year will put us back in the Top 25 where we belong. Best of luck to you both here and your future in the NFL. My question is this: Was the lack of called running plays for the quarterback last year a product of protecting you or was it the result a change in the approach to the play calling itself? Again, we are all expecting great things of you and the team and we know you will do it! (Jerry)

A: I think that it had a lot to do with trying to keep me healthy. But like I said before, coach and I have already been talking about running me a little more.

4. No question, just congrats on the candidacy. As I am now in College Station (we are a moving in progress), I hope to be able to catch a game or two. I know Joe Bob and Jill will be burning a trail down Hwy 6. Congrats also to you and Whitney. One of my favorite young ladies--tell her hello for me when you can find the time. Have a great year and looking forward to seeing you in action. Take care. (Steve)

A: Thanks for the kind remarks and we'll do our best to make sure that the few games that you do get to come see are worth your while.

5. Best of luck this year! Buddy, Fran, Drew, Tori, Michael

A: Thanks to the entire crew.

6. Hey Kevin, This email thing is a great thing that you do. Glad to see you in good health coming into what appears to be a very promising 2006 season. I'm a huge Cougar fan, a huge fan of you, and very excited to see what more the offensive side of the ball can bring to the table this year. We all already know what you can do with Vincent Marshall, add transfer Biren Ealy and the newly experienced youngsters Avery and Aldridge, there's no question of an exciting football season,seeing points on the board, and wins in the win column. However, another given is that it takes defense to win championships. So my question is this, how is the defense going to shape up this year and how are they going to become a stronger force allowing fewer points and yards than last season? Also, Phil Steele doesn't think very highly of this year's freshman recruiting class. Do you think the freshman crop could have been better? Could ask many more questions, but don't want to take up your whole weekend. Good luck leading the Houston Cougars and the City of Houston to a conference championship and a bowl championship. (BCS would be nice!) Thanks for doing more than your part to help "Restore the Roar"! See you September 2 @ 8:00 p.m. (Luke)

A: First, I have a lot of confidence in our defense this year. Just the change in attitude and confidence in themselves is going to be a boost in itself. We have great senior leadership on that side of the ball and having Will Gulley back definitely won't hurt things. For the second question, I have always trusted Coach Briles in his recruiting decisions, because although we are never at the top of the list in so called "blue chips," we always seem to get what we as a team need. Plus, how many times have we seen stars in high school turn out to be flops in the NCAA, hundreds. Wade Koehl, Kenneth Fontenette, and Rocky Shwartz were all overlooked coming out of high school and they are studs in my mind today. Good Question!

7. Message : I know that most people don't see you as an elite qb, but your numbers change everybody's mind. I was wondering if you are planning on being in the NFL or going off to have a normal job. (Aaron)

A: No, I definitely want to be in the NFL one day. I have worked to hard to get to where I am at, to just give it all up now.

8. Say, Kevin. Just read your blog. Drink LOTS of water, eat good, and get lots of rest. You da man. Take care of yourself (Scotty)

A: Thanks, I have been doing a lot of that actually since I trying to drop a few pounds.

9. Are you working with all your receivers so that they know your timing a whole lot better? Lubbock Coog (Jim)

A: That is strange that you say that, because we have been spending more time together this off-season than any other one before. We've been playing 7on7 three and sometimes four time a week.

10. Is a BCS bowl too high a goal to aim for? I already have confidence in ya'll to go undefeated, so the rewards should come in at the end of the year! Keep up the great work and Go Coogs! (Amir)

A: No, I don't think that a BCS Bowl is too high of a goal at all. Ya can't be big if ya don't dream big right!