Ask Kevin

Aug. 9, 2006
July 18, 2006
July 11, 2006

1. Hi, we were wondering if your football year has started? How many times have you got sacked? How old are you? Do you like being a quarterback? Nick is going to play football. Do you like playing for Houston? Is it hard playing in Houston? How many games have you played? (Nick and Tyler)

A: Yes our season started last Thurs. I have no idea how many times I've been sacked. That is a stat that I like to forget about. I am 21 years old and will turn 22 on August 24. I love it. There is not another position on the field that I would rather play. I really enjoy playing in Houston. I like the town, the fans, and especially my teammates and coaching staff. I have started in 36 college football games.

2. What are your statistical goals for the 2006 season? (Joe Johnson)

A: The first one and the only one the really matters, is to win at least 10 football games. For my personal goals, I would have to say 3900 yds, passing, 30 touchdowns, and no more than 6 picks.

3. My question is, what is your pre-season prediction for the Coogs season record this year, excluding a bowl berth?

A: I think that the sky is the limit, but I think that there is no doubt that we will win 10 games this year. There is no excuse why we shouldn't be in the conference championship. Thanks not only for the compliments, but for everything else that you have done for me as well. (like allowing me to marry your daughter)

If I can add a compliment on how impressive this website is. I extend my very best to you personally as well as the rest of the Coogs and my friend, Coach Art Briles and his coaching staff the very best. As you enter your senior year, know that you are living every young athlete's dream and I hope you can enjoy every minute of it! Have fun!

Best wishes and my compliments to you on finding such a sweetheart in your fiancée', Ms Whitney!! (J.B. Huddleston)

4. Kevin, It is great you are getting some pub at this time. I will return from Iraq for too short of a time. Thus, I am trying to get to see at least two games.

Keep up the hard work.... I expect nothing less than a repeat of your super freshman year.... you have the skills to elevate the team. I know you will be ready for a good year.

Keep my season seats on the 45-yard line warm. (Hugh Bob)

A: Thanks man, have a safe trip home and can't wait for the first game.

5. Hey what's up?? I'm really pumped up about this upcoming season. I think you'll end up being a first or second round draft pick in the NFL. I wanted to know who your favorite quarterbacks are right now in college football and the NFL? Is there any athlete that you've looked up to that influences your style of play? (Russell)

A: Thank you and I hope that you are right about the NFL. I really enjoy watching Brady Quinn in college, because he takes the game seriously and is always trying to improve. In the NFL, it is definitely Brett Favre. Ever since I was a little kid I have enjoyed watching him and the passion that he has for the game is incredible.

6. Do you have any NFL idols? Also are there any teams you'll prefer to play for in the NFL? I think it would be awesome if the Texans acquired you since you are coming out of UH. (Peter)

A: My NFL idol is Brett Favre, because of his everyday enthusiasm for playing football. As for which team I would like to play for, I don't really have any preference. I would like to stay around home if I could, because as you know I am a Texas boy all the way.

7. Hey Kevin, I don't really have a question for you. Just want to say congrats to you and Whitney. (You know she has always been one of my favorites) We are praying for you to have a healthy and prosperous year. It has been so awesome watching you the past three years. Best of luck in number four! (Polly)

A: Thanks you very much for the support over all the years.

8. Look forward to see u light it up this year, best of luck n take control off the games and the Coogs will on their way to a terrific season!! Good luck KK in 06! (Richard)

A: Thanks and I totally agree with you.

9. Hey were all sitting in Kristin's "pink palace" room in college station looking at your website. Good luck this next year we'll be at a lot of the games! (Josh)

A: Thanks man, say hello to everyone and hope to see ya soon.

10. Hello, I'm a 5th schoolteacher in Galena Park, Texas. I am a U of H grad and love Coog Football. It's great, every year I get my students onboard the Cougar bandwagon. We show the Coog sign to teachers from other Texas schools as we walk down the hallway. I look forward to a successful season for U oh H. Good luck this year and in the future.

A: Thank you very much and thanks for recruiting some young coogs.

11. Kevin, you deserve every award and record at UH. You are every bit the QB Ware and Klingler were and I was at UH for both.

Here's to a successful season and if it comes, the Heisman. I know coach Briles is glad you are around to lead the Cougars in this crucial year. (John Bevil)

A: Thank you for the compliments and the support.

12. Go for it...hank class of 73...was at Robinson when you started against Rice your freshman year...have seen every home game have been fantastic...have a great season...hope to see you at the Heisman finals. (Hank Nannen)

A: Thanks, its been a quick journey but a fun one as well.

13. I am going to walk on in the fall and I was wondering what type of workouts do you think I should focus on? (Edward)

A: Do your normal stuff, but also focus on your hip flexors and abs. We have been strengthening them a lot this summer and it has shown great dividends already.