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Aug. 9, 2006
July 18, 2006
July 11, 2006

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1. Coog fans have been in your corner since you took your first snap as a freshman. Each year you have improved to a point that August will not get here fast enough. Your development has been something special, so as a fan, we will look forward to watching you play each Sunday afternoon. Good luck this year, and do not forget to stop by the Rodeo cook-off and see Ben and me for our annual season recap. And don't forget to "tuck and run" if it is there. (Ryan)

A: Thank you very much! Your support is greatly appreciated.

2. Kevin, good luck this year with the offense this year. What is the running back rotation this year? And what are our chances of taking the Conference USA title this year? I don't think there is anyone that can cover your receivers one on one. (Ryan Middleton)

A: Jackie Battle and Roshawn Pope will be taking the brunt of the running responsibilities. Both bring something different to the table. Anything else besides winning the conference championship will be considered a let down. We all expect to be there.

3. Did you know that I'm your number one fan? I live in Weatherford and I go to Houston as often as I can to watch you play. I am 8 years old and my football number is 4. We loved you in Stephenville too. I sure hope you win the Heisman this year. (Tucker Sargent)

A: Well thanks a lot. Good luck in all your football games. Come say hi whenever you see me at the games.

4. You don't have to post my question I just wanted to say what up! Good luck to you this season, I know you will kick ass. I'm glad you moved to the ville, if you make it to the pros you would be the first Yellow Jacket to make it. I think that's awesome. Could I get a couple of tickets to a game? If not, no big deal. See ya. (Derek Parham)

A: Thanks man. It's nice to know that I'm getting love from back home! Let me know about the tickets.

5. Hi Kev! Stayed with your mom and dad one night this summer. Had a great visit and heard all about the RV Park. Thinking and praying for you this season. Will come see Ok St. and UTEP games and of course SMU. Looking forward to your wedding also. See ya. (Craig Jordan)

A: Hey what's up coach? Long time no see. Looking forward to seeing you too!

6. Just got through listening to you on John and Lance Morning Show. Enjoyed it very much; you were very well spoken, and provided a lot of insight into some of the intricacies of your spread offense. I wish you the best for the upcoming season. I wanted to learn more about you and your stats at UH, so I checked out this website. I am a Texas Tech graduate, and a Raider fan. Last year Cody Hodges caught hell on the Red Raider message boards for not holding the laces when he threw the football, yet on the picture on your bio page, you do not appear to be throwing with your fingers on the laces either. Was this a posed picture, or is it also your norm not to hold the laces? Just trying to figure out if this was as abnormal as some of the message board posters made it out to be, or is it just something of personal preference? Again much success for the upcoming season! (Daryl Andersen)

A: No I throw without the laces a lot. In our offense you have to make so many quick throws, many times you don't have time to find the laces.

7. I have to admit that I have not been a Cougar fan until recently; you are a big reason for that. Your style of play reminds me of a young Brett Favre not too mention you are very good looking! I was curious as to how you are handling all the Heisman hype surrounding you this year and is it at all affecting your preparation for the season, and how ready are you for the NFL? (Jennifer)

A: The hype is a little overwhelming at times, but it comes with the turf of being a starting quarterback. I'm taking one day at a time and taking care of my duties as a Cougar first!

8. Hey Kevin what's goin on? I have started a my space dedicated to your race for the Heisman. I would gladly appreciate it if you could spread the word about this. I believe if we get enough people we can help your efforts towards the coveted trophy. Thank you and Please respond to this message (David)

A: Thanks a lot David, every little bit helps!

9. Kevin, good luck on your upcoming year. Wish you and the Coogs the best for 2006 season (Cal)

A: Thanks

Good luck this year! I can't wait until football season! Have a great birthday and we'll see ya next weekend! (Rybo)

A: Thanks Rybo, can't wait to see the fam!

12. Hey Kevin just wanted to drop by and say your doing a great job playing!!! Keep it UP; I was always a big fan of ya back in High school!! Take care (Brenda) Kevin I just moved to Houston from Columbia South Carolina, an area that bleeds acc and sec football. I'm a little heart broken that I've left my gamecocks behind and I'm counting on you and the team to mend my broken heart. Go get 'um. Go Coogs! (Keith)

A: Thank you very much! The Coogs and myself will do our best to fill your needs.

13. I stumbled across your website. It is good to see that you're doing well. I came and watched you in the Fort Worth Bowl last year, and hopefully will make it to the Memphis game since I am in Arkansas for school. I have talked to Brennan some and he said you're making some time to do some fishing. Shoot me an email sometime. Keep up the good work. (Chris Lee)

A: Wow! It's good to hear from you. Last memory I have of you is getting in a bike wreck together. Hope all is well, we need to catch up.

14. I am getting fired up for the bowl season. Thanks to you and the Coogs for an exciting year. John McClain propped you up pretty good lately and I am looking forward seeing where you end up next year. (Britt Weatherly)

A: Thanks Britt, we are excited as well. We still have some work to be done, but it sure is exciting whenever you're winning.

15. Kevin, I just want you to know how proud we are of you and the entire team. You always play and represent the Uof Houston with class. I saw that cheap shot to your head when you were almost dropped for a safety. I was happy to see you get up and shake it off. Your clutch pass to DA was something to behold. The SMU D-line appeared to be stunting on the O-Line and causing some confusion. However, the O-Line came together when you needed them the most. Go Coogs! Put Memphis away early! (Dr. Ruiz)

A: Thanks Dr. Ruiz, that time in the game was definitely a test for us and we passed it with flying colors. we came together and took it 99yds. for the game winner. That was a tribute to this team and our toughness.

16. Hey Kevin! Man, that was a great game at SMU! I never had a doubt that ya'll would find a way to bounce back! I play trumpet in band and believe me, no one supports and loves ya'll as much as we do! Sunshine or even rain (like at the OSU game) we always have the team's back! Great job so far this season and I can't wait for that conference championship! Finally, I was wondering if there was any chance of getting an autograph sometime, from the most Heisman deserving QB? Great job again and can't wait to see you rip up Memphis next week! GO COOGS! (Gabe)

A: Hey Gabe, trust us we know how important the band is to our success. The support that you all show ever time out is undescribable. Thanks for all the help. See ya at the Conference Championship!

17. What did the team think of seeing all the UH fans in attendance at the SMU game? Also, what happened in the locker room at halftime to snap you guys back into the Coogs we have come to expect? All of us in the stands where wondering when the real Coogs where going to show up. The joke was that the real team's bus arrived at halftime. Good luck in Memphis this week. Bring back another W! (Rick Lines)

A: Yes we were very impressed with all the fans that made the trip. I can remember running out of the tunnel thinking that we were louder than the SMU crowd. At halftime there wasn't really too much being said. We all know what we had to do and came out and did it. It was a great team win.

18. Hello Kevin, I am your true fan and I believe you have all the skill, intelligence and ammunition to be a successful NFL Quarterback; do you have any doubt in mind that you will be playing professionally? I believe you are also a very team oriented player, a true leader, what is your career goal if you do not play professional football? I am an 84' grad, my best advise to you is to finish college and have a degree. What do you think? Go Kevin, Go Coogs!! (Willie Chang)

A: I think that I will at least get a shot at playing at the next level, where that takes me we will have to wait and see, but all you can ask for is an opportunity. If it doesn't work out in the NFL I will finish up me school and graduate from the Entrepreneurship program and pursue a profession in business. Like always though my focus must stay on the task that we still have in front of us. Thanks for all the support Willie.

19. Just saw the news about the win against SMU. I'm so proud of all you guys!! Wish I could have been there, but I have been to every home game. You are making is easy for all of us to be a proud Cougars. Keep it up, we are all behind you. Wishing you all the wonderful things football can bring, individually and as a team. (Lynn Murray)

A: Thanks a bunch for all the support that all of you have shown all year and we hope to continue the success for the rest of the year.

20. Kevin, I am 10 years old and I love to go to your football games and see you play. I hope you win the Heisman. You rocked against Tulsa. Also, I am Lewis Bullion's cousin. Good luck in the NFL! (Luke Schoppe)

A: Hey Luke, thanks for supporting the coogs. Hope to meet you one day.

21. Kevin, I look forward watching you play this weekend as well. Most of all I can't wait to watch you play on Sundays in the future. I am a Kevin Kolb fan cause you remind me of my friend Kyle Boller. Is that insulting or a compliment? PLEASE KILL MEMPHIS this weekend. Thanks again (Trieu)

A: Thanks Trieu, I hope to be there as well. First, I want this conference championship and a bowl victory.

22. I just wanted to say that I've heard a lot about you from your cousin Ryan and hope you continue to do well. (I know Ryan from school and basketball and we're in the same grade). It would be cool to go to one of your games and see you play. Go Coogs!!! (Billy Musselman)

A: Thanks Billy, hopefully you can come to one of the games with Ryan. GO COOGS

23. I graduated from the U of H in 88'. I cannot tell you how proud we are of your contributions to the school. Best of luck in the final two games. I'm hankering' for one more day of tail-gating and butt-kicking' at the Den! (Kenny)

A: Well I'm glad that the pride has been reestablished at our school and for our team. Can't wait to play at Robertson again next week.

24. Kevin, I have followed your whole career and have enjoyed every minute. I tell my classes that you once sat in my 8th grade English class and that you were once a Decatur Eagle! You have served as a great role model! Keep up the great work! You are awesome! We still miss you here in Eagle land!

A: Thank you so much it means a lot to know that there is support back in Decatur. Tell your boys I said hello and I hope to see ya soon.