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Well, one more week closer to the big debut with Rice. Workouts the last couple of days have been brutal. It has been extremely hot and Coach LJ has decided not to pay attention to that factor and continue to increase the workouts. But, I guess it is better for us that way, so that whatever happens to us on the field will never be as tough as what we are going through right now.

He had these old school sleds built out of some heavy, hard core wood. And then, according today's practice, he didn't think that they came out heavy enough for us, so now a couple of the coaches stand on them as we struggle to drive them down field. 7 on 7 has been going very well, and we have looked impressively sharp on both sides. The best thing about it is that we have some leaders that step up and get it going. Usually in the past, it takes 30 minutes just to get everyone to quit horse playing and actually play some ball.

Whitney (my fiance') has been gone for this entire week and through this weekend. Haven't quite had the good, healthy meals I was used to since she has been gone, but sometimes that is good for a couple to be apart for a while and kind of break up the routine. Of course, now it is about the 5th day she has been gone, so I called her this morning and told her that I thought that was plenty of time apart and to come back home. But I'm leaving for the weekend so she is just gonna wait until Monday.

The interviews are starting to pour in and I'm already to the point where I have answered the same questions about 12 times. So, I have to sit in my room at night and think of different answers so that ya'll don't have to read the same answers all the time. Anyway talk to ya'll next week.