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Hey Coogs, it has been a pretty slow week for me. Workouts are increasingly getting harder, because of two-a-days being right around the corner and just the anticipation of starting, of course, makes it slower. My dad came down for a few days this week just to visit and catch up on how everything was going. I haven't been going home much this summer, because of all the fishing trips I went on. I guess that's not right, choosing fishing over going to see my family, but dangit the fishing was just so darn good I couldn't pass it up! But the bad thing is that they are going to pay me back this week. They are going to Rockport from Sunday-Sunday this week and I have to stay for workouts. I'm sure I'll be getting some calls from everyone trying to rub it in.

On a football note, we got some good news this week. Vincent Marshall had been having some problems with his knee. It had been an injury that had been nagging him for awhile. He went ahead a got a MRI on it and it came back negative, so he'll be good to go for two-a-days. Thank God!

Everything else seems pretty peachy, so no excuses why we won't be conference champs! Later Coogs! Kevin