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Hey Coogs, another good win! At least this time our blood pressure didn't have to rise like it did in the Rice game. From a team's standpoint, it was exactly what we needed. We dominated in every aspect of the game. The thing that I enjoyed the most was that we didn't have any surprises.

Special teams was solid, the defense played fast and aggresive, and the offense did what we are supposed to.

Another great thing over the weekend was that some of our biggest opponents lost last weekend. UTEP played good, but lost a heartbreaker; Tulsa got beat by BYU pretty bad (which was a shocker); and UCF got killed by Florida which you expected them to get beat, but not by that bad. None of that means a whole lot, but it is better than them all winning.

Well, we have Grambling coming in this weekend and I'm sure they'll be fired up. We just need to play our game and there shouldn't be any problems. Seriously, after watching the film on Sunday, the offense should put up that many yards every week. If we can just execute and do what the offense calls for us to do, we will continue to put up those kinds of numbers. The bigger the crowds the better, so invite everyone you know! Go Coogs! Kevin