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Hey fellas! Another good win. It was kind of a scare there at the beginning, whenever they took the opening drive to the house. But our offense answered well and then the defense got it in order. I'll tell ya, we have never had a group that focuses as well as this team does. Whenever we have to get a stop, go score, or pen them deep we have been able to do it so far. Hopefully that can continue and we can keep this ball rollin.

Offensively I thought we played really well again. Its hard to stay up and ready whenever a team comes in like Grambling, but we were able to keep our focus right and score on all four possessions in the first half. It all started with the OL last night. It was the first time in Coach Briles and my UofH career that we haven't given up a sack. That is the sole reason for the high completion percentage last night. The OL wasn't the only one's blocking. The receiving corps was knocking defensive backs down left and right. That is what we need to spring some of those long runs after the catch that we are so used to .

We are really excited about this week and there will definitely not be a lack of focus during practice. We are reaedy to prove ourselves against some stiffer competition. We know that we are good...we just have to continue to prove it to everyone else. The turnout and fan support was great yesterday. It is continuing to grow and pretty soon we are gonna fill that baby to the brim! Can't wait!