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Hey Coogs! Well, it wasn't exactly what we were looking for the other night. I want to apologize for letting that one slip away from us. We had a lot of things go against us and we weren't able to overcome them. I also want to thank those of you who stood strong behind us the other night. There were plenty of people turning against us on Saturday, so thank you to all who didn't fall into that group.

Now, we have to just forget about the last couple of weeks and continue on the path that we were set on from the beginning. The good thing is that our goals haven't changed at all. We can still be conference champs, and we can also go win a bowl game. Those were the team goals from the start of the season and this loss, although painful, doesn't hurt them. We had another key injury on the OL in the game, but I think we will be okay with the plug-ins that are being used.

The only thing that can dig us out of this hole is going down to Hattiesburg and getting a big win in front of their crowd. We have no other choice. So, stick behind us and we will fight for you.