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Hey Coogs! What a great game. It is good to be finally in the drivers seat for the rest of the season. The conference championship is in the Headlights...we just have to continue to attack and not get complacent. It was nice to get another big win with the stage set like Saturdays game vs. Tulsa. Those were wins that we used to let slip by us in the past. Not anymore! We have taken care of our business up to this point, and we will continue to for the rest of the season.

I have to dedicate a section of the blog to the defense for the performance that they put on in Saturday's game. That was definitely the best outing that a Cougar defense has had since I have been here. They basically pitched a shutout, if it wasn't for the fumble and the long punt return to set up their scores. The victory over Tulsa was a complete team Win, and now we hopefully will follow it up with two more to end the regular season!

SMU is a dangerous opponent for us this week. We need to shake off this victory and focus on them just like we did for Tulsa this past week. The good thing is that both of the teams left on the schedule upset us last year, so we have no reason to overlook them.

Thanks for the support this weekend! The team greatly appreciates it and we can't wait to be back here again (after we take care of these next two)!