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Thank you for your interest in the University of Houston's licensing program! We hope that this website can be a resource for those seeking additional information on becoming a UH licensee, as well as a way for UH fans to communicate with us! It's our goal to continue to increase the availability of UH branded merchandise not only in Houston, but throughout the state of Texas. Thank you for you continued support of UH. Go Coogs!

Learfield Licensing Partners
The University of Houston has a partnership with the Learfield Licensing Partners to assist the University in protecting its trademarks and increasing its brand exposure. Learfield Licensing Partners is a leader in the collegiate licensing industry and represents more than 180 universities, conferences and bowl games across the United States. For more information on Learfield Licensing Partners, please visit their website at LearfieldLicensing.com.

Please contact our Learfield Licensing Partners Brand Manager, Brad Coley for more information on our licensing program.

Brad Coley
Learfield Licensing Partners
336-896-7907 x 4

Becoming a UH licensee
» The University and Learfield Licensing Partners strive to make obtaining a license to produce UH products easy, but take seriously the responsibility of protecting the valuable UH trademarks and ensuring that the products bearing those marks are of the highest quality.

To download an application for licensing, view the Learfield Licensing Partners Application here

If you have specific questions about the licensing process please reach out to Learfield Licensing Partners directly.

For more information, visit the Prospective Licensee FAQ page.


 What are the registered marks of The University of Houston System?
Each component has its own trademarks with specific guidelines on how they should be portrayed. To view the registered marks of a particular University of Houston component, view the Registered and Protected marks page.

 The words "Coogs" and "Cougars" are trademarked by the University of Houston, but these are common words. How do I know whether I need permission to use these trademarks?
As a general rule, when UH's color scheme or any other UH identifier is used in connection with these words to reference UH and not the state of Texas in a commercial manner, you will need a license. For an official list of protected marks click here.

 Who may use the University of Houston logo?
Only UH faculty, staff, authorized student organizations and authorized vendors may use the University of Houston logo. All others are not permitted to use the logo without prior permission from the Office of University Relations. Logo usage applies to any and all printed, digital, promotional, display, clothing, household items and video communications. When using a UH logo, you are expected to follow the UH Graphic Standards.

 Who must be licensed?
Anyone or any business/organization wishing to use the University's trademarks or verbiage on a product must have a license before offering the product/goods for sale. This also includes sale to University departments, campus organizations and student recognized organizations. Promotions and advertising are included as well.

 How do I become licensed?
See section on Prospective Licensees

 Is there a fee to become licensed?
Yes. There is an advanced fees are charged and you can reference the application in the Prospective Licensee section for the current rates and a royalty rate based upon the total gross invoice amounts billed ("Net Sales.") The royalty rate is 10%.

 Why is it important to only purchase officially licensed UH merchandise?
Each time you purchase a licensed product, a portion of your purchase helps support various academic and athletics programs that allow the university to continue to retain its national reputation and stature.

 How can I tell if a product is officially-licensed?
Look for the Collegiate Licensed Product Authorization label (see below).

This label assures you that the merchandise on which they are affixed has been approved for sale by the University and Learfield Licensing Partners.

 What products can be licensed?
Students, alumni and fans generate many great ideas for new University products. As a general rule, UH considers products that are of high quality and in good taste. Please note the following products that UH will NOT license:

  • Inherently dangerous products, such as firearms and explosives
  • Obscene/Disparaging products that may damage UH's reputation
  • Gambling-related products
  • Sexually suggestive products

 I have a great idea for an UH product. Who do I contact?
Please review the Prospective Licensees section to determine which type of license you will need. Be advised that neither the University of Houston's request for information from you regarding any of your products, services or ideas nor your reply to the request for information (nor your voluntary unsolicited submission) constitutes an offer to contract or a solicitation by the University to offer a contract or license to your company. Should the University wish to make such an offer for a contract or license, your company will be required to submit to a pre-qualification process and more formal discussions for contracting and licensing.

 If my product is not going to be resold, do I still have to select a licensed vendor?
All items bearing the University marks must be produced by a licensed vendor whether or not items are for resale. Lists of our current licensees can be found on the Forms & Lists page.

 I would like to have a product made to distribute to my employees and/or customers that features my company's logo, as well as the UH logo. Do I need a license?
Yes. If you are a department or organization within the UH system, please make the request through email: branding@uh.edu.

If you are not affiliated with the University of Houston, please contact Houston IMG Sports Network at 713-743-1446 to learn more.

 What can I do if I find a product that appears to be unlicensed?
Please fill out the Unlicensed Product Reporting Form. Please note that you can remain anonymous.

 What does the University of Houston do if unlicensed merchandise is discovered in the marketplace?
Merchandise produced without authorization may be considered counterfeit or infringing and subject to all available legal remedies.

If you are aware of unlicensed merchandise being sold, please fill out the Unlicensed Product Reporting Form. Please note that you can remain anonymous.

 What if my item is a publication or brochure that I wish to use the University's trademarks on?
The trademarks of the University may not be used on publications, brochures, advertising or miscellaneous print material without permission from the University. You may submit your request through email: branding@uh.edu

 May I use the University mark on my business card?
No, the University mark is only allowed on business cards for University of Houston official business.

 Can I set up a booth on campus to sell my UH merchandise on days of athletics events?
Yes, if you are already a UH licensed vendor, please contact Houston IMG at 713-743-1446 to learn more.

 If I am a student or from a department of the University of Houston, do I need to ask permission to use a trademark?
Yes, it is important for the University to protect the trademarks and controlling their use will maintain their value. You may submit your request through email: branding@uh.edu.

 Are any requests exempt from royalties?
A product generally is subject to royalty or right fees if a University Trademark is utilized and:

  • the product is for resale; or,
  • the product promotes a specific event for which a fee is charged; or,
  • the name, mark, or logo of a third party is used with the University's Trademark.

Exempting royalties is done in writing and does not exempt the requirement to use a licensed vendor for manufacture or production.

 How does the artwork approval process work?
If you are a person, company or organization that is not part of the University of Houston System, you must complete the licensing process through Learfield Licensing Partner. You will then receive information on submitting artwork through the Trademarx system. This system manages the entire artwork approval process over the Internet.

If you are a department or organization within the UH system, please make the request through email: branding@uh.edu.

 Can I alter a mark?
No. Altering a mark would hurt its integrity. This would dilute the strength and value of the mark.

 What can you do as a fan?
It is very important for UH gear to be displayed in as many retailer locations as possible. Cougar fans play an important role. If you spot a retailer that carries merchandise but does not carry UH gear, there are several things that you can do:

  • Let the store manager know that you would like to see them carry UH merchandise, and/or,
  • Follow this link and let us know about that particular store. We will be happy to contact them and discuss the possibility of getting UH merchandise at that location.
vs USATF Junior Championships
Clovis, Calif.
All Day
vs USATF Junior Championships
Clovis, Calif.
All Day
vs Oklahoma
Houston, Texas (NRG Stadium)
11:00 AM
TDECU Stadium
11:00 AM
at Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio
6:30 PM
Texas State
at Texas State
San Marcos, Texas
TDECU Stadium
7:00 PM
at Navy
Annapolis, Md.
2:00 PM
TDECU Stadium
at SMU
Dallas, Texas
TDECU Stadium
TDECU Stadium
George Mason
vs George Mason
Estero, Fla. (Germain Arena)
6:30 PM
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Estero, Fla. (Germain Arena)
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Estero, Fla. (Germain Arena)



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