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    FAQ's about University of Houston Licensing
    Why do I need a license?

    The University of Houston partners with the Learfield Licensing Partners to ensure that the University of Houston's name and trademarks (including any logo, symbol, nickname, abbreviation, mascot, and slogan that are associated with the University) are used in an appropriate manner. Any business or individual that would like to sell a product using the University of Houston's name or trademarks will need a license.

    Who is Learfield Licensing Partners?
    Learfield Sports acquired both SMA and LRG in 2014. These two industry-leading agencies now combine their more than 40 years of experience to create Learfield Licensing Partners, a world-class licensing firm that integrates each company’s services and success to align perfectly with Learfield’s history, strength and reputation within the industry. Our goal is to provide the best practices and strategies in the industry to properly protect and promote your brand, and couple that with new resources and strategies for growth with help from Learfield. Learfield Sports manages the exclusive multimedia rights for 99 collegiate properties throughout the country. Learfield’s rights encompass all athletic department media and sponsorship components, including stadium signage and numerous content distribution platforms. Those platforms deliver the passion of college athletics via radio, television and digital networks to fans around the globe.

    How do I obtain a license?
    To download a copy of the application and license agreement, please click here.

    Send the completed application to:

    What type of license do I need?
    There are three types of licenses offered for various fees:

    1. Standard licenses are for those licensees who are operating outside of the state of Texas or with multiple Learfield Licensing Partners partners. The standard license application fee is $300.
    2. Internal usage licenses are for licensees who are looking to produce products that will be used by UH and not sold to the public. The internal usage application fee is $150.
    3. In-state licenses are for licensees who operate within the state of Texas and only plan to contract with the University of Houston. Licensees within Texas, but want to work with Learfield Licensing Partners schools other than just UH will need to apply for a standard license. The in-state license application fee is $150.

    When do students and student groups need a license?
    students and student groups need to hold a license or use a licensed vendor to pay a royalty fee when they are using University of Houston logos or marks on items that they are selling, regardless of whether or not the items are being sold for a profit or as a fundraiser.

    Typically, students and student groups will use a vendor to produce their items. Students, students groups, and their advisors should know that any vendor they are using is responsible to be appropriately licensed through Learfield Licensing Partners. Please contact Learfield Licensing Partners contact Brad Coley at if you need a licensed vendor recommendation.

    If the student is not using a vendor and is producing an item independently, then they will need to obtain a license themselves. To get a license, students should download a copy of the application and license agreement here.

    Where can I find a list of licensed vendors?
    You can find a list of vendors licensed with Learfield Licensing Partners by clicking here and searching the word "Houston".

    Where can I find official logos that the University uses? Once a license is granted, Learfield Licensing Partners will provide a user name and password that will allow access to high quality, production-ready artwork.

    What is UH's royalty rate?
    UH's royalty rate is 10% of the total cost of goods sold by the licensee.

    What if I have more questions?
    If you have more questions you can contact Brad Coley with Learfield Licensing Partners at

    You can also learn more about Learfield Licensing Partners at

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