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    Rob Stewart Associate Athletics Director - Marketing and Promotions
    Ashley Payne Director for Marketing and Promotions
    Darron Pinkney Assistant Director for Marketing and Promotions
    Travis Libby Assistant Director for Marketing and Promotions
    Tamara Sherrod Assistant Director of Marketing and Promotions
    Morris Molina Assistant Director for Marketing and Promotions / Graphic Design

    The Houston Athletics Department produces promotional posters and schedule cards for Houston Cougar teams throughout the year. These items are available free of charge at locations on the University of Houston campus and can also be requested by mail for Houston Cougar fans outside the area (see mailing instructions below).

    Option 1 - Available at Department
    Posters and schedule cards are available inside the UH Athletic Ticket Office located on the first floor the Athletics/Alumni Center in Suite 1003 and the Houston Athletic Marketing & Development Offices, located on the second floor of the Athletics/Alumni Center in Suite 2004. The Athletics/Alumni Center is located at 3100 Cullen Blvd, Houston, TX 77204-6742.

    Option 2 - Available by Mail
    The UH Athletics Department has a limited supply of sport-specific posters and schedule cards available for fans outside the area. Please identify which posters or schedule cards you are requesting on a slip of paper and add in mailing tube.

    1. Buy a USPS-approved mailing tube (must be at least 18" long).
    2. At the post office, pay for shipping to the Athletic Department, plus the return postage sticker (both should be the same amount).
    3. Insert stickers with (1) your return address and (2) prepaid postage into the tube. These will be used to mail the tube with posters and schedule cards back to you.
    4. Insert slip of paper indicating which posters you are requesting.

    Mail tube to this address:
    Athletic Marketing Department
    University of Houston Athletics
    3100 Cullen Boulevard, Suite 2004
    Houston, TX 77204

    Important Notes

    • Do not send cash, checks or any other form of payment in the tube. Only the prepaid postage sticker will be accepted.
    • Tubes arriving without both the prepaid postage sticker and the return address sticker will not be honored.

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