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    Leadership Academy Overview

    Mission: The Houston Leadership Academy develops, challenges, and supports student-athletes and coaches in their continual quest to become world-class leaders in athletics, academics, and life; the Academy functions to equip participants at every level  with the skillset necessary to be a confident, cooperative, critical decision maker and ethical contributor in a competitive and ever-changing world. 

    The Houston Leadership Academy unequivocally distinguishes the University Of Houston Department Of Intercollegiate Athletics as having one of the best leadership development programs in collegiate athletics - and the first program and only full time program in the American Athletic Conference; the Academy provides comprehensive and cutting edge leadership development programming such that every student-athlete to reach his/her highest levels of achievement.

    Core Values: Excellence│Integrity│Inclusivity│Loyalty│Accountability│Sportsmanship

    Events: Breath 2 Lead Leadership RetreatEtiquette Dinner

    Benefits of the Houston Leadership Academy

    • provides coaches with reliable, responsible, and respected student-athlete leaders
    • provides student-athletes with the confidence and skills to be effective leaders
    • provides student-athletes with highly marketable leadership skills for their careers
    • eases the transition of freshmen student-athletes into the Houston family
    • decreases self-destructive behaviors (excessive drinking, drugs, eating issues, etc.)
    • maintains and enhances the competitive success of the athletic department
    • maintains and enhances student-athlete academic performance and graduation rates
    • builds positive relationships with student-athletes and staff based on trust and respect

    • provide student-athletes with experiential opportunities to develop a culture of successful personal and team leadership


    Emerging Leaders Program

    Personal Leadership - Designed for all first-time-in-college student-athletes on scholarship and recruited student-athletes, and will help them acclimate to the collegiate atmosphere. The experiential program will help build a collegial community, and they will be provided with the strategies and skills to become effective teammates and successful students.

    Programming includes, but is not limited to: financial planning, interpersonal communication, social responsibility, mental toughness, peer mentorship, stress/pressure management, time management, diversity, conflict resolution, and ethical awareness.

    Executive Leaders Program

    Experiential Leadership - Designed for all sophomores, the Executive Leaders program provides current and future team captains and informal leaders with the insights, strategies, and skills necessary to become effective leaders on their team, on campus, and in the community. Module topics include: reaction vs response, leading by example, commitment to team rather than self, developing values that promote success.

    Program Objectives:
    • Identify and develop high potential leaders in their sophomore year
    • Create solid Leaders by Example and set the stage for developing Vocal Leaders
    • Build a strong network of peer leaders
    • Develop leaders who support and learn from current team captains/leaders
    • Teach prospective leaders how to gain respect and develop leadership skills with immediate peer group

     Veteran Leaders Program

    Vocal Leadership - Designed for juniors, the Veteran Leaders program provides team leaders with advanced leadership training and support. The program teaches student-athletes the critical skills and insights necessary to be effective as they perform the day-to-day responsibilities and challenges of leadership. Module topics include: commitment to community, communication, succession, and integrity.

    Program Objectives:
    • Encourage established leaders to step up and be Vocal Leaders on their teams
    • Provide established leaders with ongoing support as they tackle the tough issues of team leadership and provide them with a solid peer network for guidance and support
    • Review and extend the insights and skills necessary to be a responsible and respected leader
    • Establish a solid, cooperative, and ongoing partnership with the coaching staff

    Legacies Program

    Designed for a select group of seniors and students with a 5th year of eligibility (and have already mastered the critical skills and insights necessary to be effective leaders), the Legacies program provides team captains with an in-depth leadership skills evaluation, and guides student-athletes to partner with staffs and peers to develop a cohesive team leadership plan. Legacies work with all levels of programing to develop a solid partnership and continue to build community amongst the team.

    Program Objective:

    • Establish a solid partnership with coaches by clarifying expectations and goals
    • Develop a Peer Mentorships
    • Assess team commitment and monitor team chemistry
    • Provide practical ideas on how to handle current team issues

    Coaches Program

    The Houston Leadership Academy provides head and assistant coaches and administration with numerous professional and leadership development opportunities through interactive workshops, constructive feedback, one-on-one coaching, and educational resources.



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