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    While nearly everything about the Athletics/Alumni Center is modern and efficient, perhaps the most "state of the art" area in the building is the Sports Medicine Center, where Cougar student-athletes go for treatment, rehabilitation, preventative measures and medical attention from one of several teams' doctors.


    Under the direction of head athletics trainer Mike O'Shea, the Sports Medicine area was designed comprehensively and is fully-equipped and staffed to meet almost any need. It is also conveniently located adjacent to both the Cougar weight room and locker room facilities, giving student-athletes the opportunity to take advantage of an all-in-one training location.

    Sports Medicine's medical treatment areas include offices for both the professional training staff and team physicians, an examination room, 12 treatment and taping tables and a rehabilitation area which features stationary bikes and fixed-resistance machinery. In the adjacent hydrotherapy room, there is a sauna, whirlpools, a spa and a Swimex - a pool in which student-athletes can swim or run against a current for rehabilitation purposes. There is also ample storage space for medical supplies and accessory equipment.

    The medical treatment area also includes a medical lab, allowing the Sports Medicine staff and physicians to perform procedures and testing on-site which can lead to more timely diagnoses and subsequent treatment and therapies.

    The Sports Medicine staff also works closely with coaches and the strength & conditioning staff to design and coordinate programs for rehabilitation for Cougar student-athletes.

    A vital part of the UH athletics program, Sports Medicine is always prepared to assist Cougar student-athletes in need.

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