Student Application (PDF)

    Dear prospective undergraduate trainer,

    Thank you for your interest our program and the field of Athletic Training.

    The following link is a copy of our application PDF. Please fill out and return the application. Upon receiving this information, your file will be reviewed by the University of Houston Sports Medicine Staff. After this review, you will be notified of your current status.

    We receive numerous applications every year. Unfortunately, there are a limited number of positions for potential Student Athletic Trainers. Therefore, the Sports Medicine Department will select applicants that will benefit our program the best at that time.

    In order to sit for the Texas State Licensure Exam, you must put in 1,800 hours under the supervision of a Texas Licensed Athletic Trainer. This is usually equivalent to a three-year, six-semester period of time. You will accumulate up to 300 hours a semester (two semesters per academic year) over that three-year period. Since the program is internship oriented, you will actually get your degree in a related subject, with an emphasis in athletic training. We recommend that our student trainers get into the college of education and pursue a degree in a related field.

    Our student trainers receive compensation for their services. However, your first year as a student trainer you will not receive any monetary compensation. Each year thereafter, you will receive a monetary stipend.

    Make sure that you apply to the University as soon as possible. (713)743-1010

    We cannot hire you if you are not accepted in the University.

    Good luck and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Amanda Barbee, MEd, ATC, LAT
    Assistant Athletic Trainer
    University of Houston
    3100 Cullen Blvd., Suite 1100
    Houston, TX 77204-6002

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