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    The Sports Medicine Department is a support service for the University of Houston Intercollegiate Athletics Department. Being an integral part of the University setting, the Intercollegiate Athletics Department functions to provide student-athletes with opportunities to develop their potentials in and through athletic participation. As part of the provisions of our service, the Athletic Department has a legal and ethical obligation to ensure heath care to all student-athletes.

    The purpose of our Sports Medicine Department is to provide the best possible medical care and attention to our student-athletes. Our goal is to do everything in our realm to ensure the best care possible to our student-athletes.

    Our policies and procedures follow the recommendations of our team physicians, the AMA, and the guidelines set forth by the NCAA.


    • Prevention of injuries
    • Recognize, evaluate, and assess injuries
    • Administer first aid and provide immediate care
    • Treatment, rehabilitation and reconditioning of athletes
    • Organization and management
    • Professional development


      Main Athletic Training Room
      Phone: (713) 743-9422
      Fax: (713) 743-0679

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