Houston Women Take Second, Men Third, at Adidas Classic

Errol Nolan

Jan. 21, 2012


HOUSTON - University of Houston track and field women take second to host Nebraska, while the men take third, at the 2012 Adidas Classic on Saturday in Lincoln, Neb., at the Devaney Center Indoor Track. The Cougars claimed five individual events and one relay.

"I thought as a team we fought," head coach Leroy Burrell said. "On the women's side, we stood toe-to-toe with the Big 12 champions all the way to the end. A lot of people went out there and fought. That's what we need going into the future."

The Houston women swept the 60m competition as Whitney Harris, Grecia Bolton, Tai'shea Reese and Kiersten Brewer took the top-four places, respectively. Harris also took first place in the women's 200m race.

The women also claimed the top-three places in the 60m hurdles as freshmen Sade-Mariah Greenidge and Alicia Perkins took places one and two, and senior DeMeeka Jones took third.

For the men, senior sprinter Isaiah Sweeney won the men's 60m dash, while junior college transfer Mark'quis Frazier took third. Frazier went on to take first place in the men's 200m dash, where last year he was the NJCAA Junior College 200m champion.

The men's 4x400 relay comprised of Errol Nolan, Kelvin Furlough, Xavier Boyd, and Doug Kelley took first over Nebraska and Iowa of the Big Ten in addition to Wichita State and Air Force. With the win, Nolan became a two-time event champion as he also took first in the 400m with a time of 47.17.

"I think we are gelling nicely for this time of the season, Burrell said. "We have a lot more we need to do, but the key for us right now is to stay focused and continue to work on pursuing our goals and staying healthy."


The Cougars return home to host the 2012 Houston Indoor Invitational and Multi's on Friday Jan. 27, inside Yeoman Fieldhouse.



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Men's Results

Weight throw
8. Rick Fenton 16.79m/55-01

Long Jump
4. Issiah Sweeney 7.33m/24.00.75
5. Simon Stewart 7.09/23-03.25
8. John Horton 6.89/22-07.25

Pole Vault
2. Bryan Brown 5.08m/16-08.00
6. Michael Manke 4.63m/15.02-25

Shot Put
4. Jacob Schultz17.43m/57-02.25
5. Darrell Hill 17.02m/55-10.25
12.John Fortune 15.46m/50-08.75

Triple Jump
3. John Horton 14.31m/46-11.50

3. David Smith 14:59.18

5. Yonas Tesfai 4:14.78
9. Anthony Jordan 4:28.28

60m hurdles
7. Kevin Johnson8.40
9. Jordan Hofbauer 8.49

60m dash
1. Isaiah Sweeney 6.76
3. Marquis Frazier 6.84
14.Simon Stewart 7.12

1. Errol Nolan 47.17
3. Kelvin Furlough 47.52
7. Xavier Boyd49.21
11. Garrett Hughey 50.22
16. Eric Alexander 51.29

9. Anthony Coleman 1:22.44
12. Jordan Hofbauer 1:25.48
13. Ethan Miller 1:28.17

1.Marquis Frazier 21.55
19. James Lang 23.05
20. Kevin Johnson 23.46

2. Doug Kelley 1:53.19
6. Mark Fernando 1:55.88

1. Houston 3:12.22
1)Errol Nolan 2)Kelvin Furlough
3)Xavier Boyd 4)Doug Kelley

Team Results: 96 pts. (3rd)

Women's Results

Weight Throw
5. Emily Nnokwam 17.09m/56-01.00
9. Nicole Benton 15.96m/52.04.50

2. Samantha Taylor 14.40m/47-03.00
15. Megan Frausto 10.80m/35-05.25

Long Jump
2. Tai'shea Reese 5.87m/19-03.25
4. Megan Frausto 5.58m/18-03.75
7. Kethra Richards 5.52m/18-01.50
10.Dominique Brisco 5.39m/17-08.25

Triple Jump
5. Dominique Brisco 11.82m/38-09.50

Pole Vault
4. Karley King 2-02.75

6. Starla Garcia 18:38.54

10. Kathryn Ducommun 5:13.25

60m hurdles
1.Sade Mariah Greenidge 8.47
2.Alicia Perkins 8.56
3.Demeeka Jones 8.58
7.Amber Sellers 9.01
9.Megan Frausto 9.12

60m dash
1.Whitney Harris 7.40
2.Grecia Bolton 7.47
3.Tai'shea Reese 7.53
4.Kiersten Brewer 7.63

2.Brittany Wallace 56.03
5.Ngozi Onwumere 57.43
10.Amber Sellers 58.70
11.Alicia Fredrick 1:00.10

6.Jamie Johnson 1:36.95
8.Eryn Barroso 1:41.20
9.Sade Greenidge 1:43.58

1.Whitney Harris 24.29
3.Tai'shea Reese 24.65
4.Kiersten Brewer 24.68
6. Alicia Perkins 24.99
8. DeMeeka Jones 25.29
21.Olivia Amy 26.85

6. Ciera Johnson 2:18.35
7. Alexis Vick 2:20.63

3. Houston 3:51.54
1) Whitney Harris 2) Ngozi Onwumere
3) Amber Sellers 4) Brittany Wallace

Team Results: 117 pts. (2nd)


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