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    Running Events
    100 meters10.07 Michael Frater, TCU2002
    200 meters20.45 Michael Frater, TCU2002
    400 meters45.33 Chris Jones, Houston1998
    800 meters1:48.81Karim Alston, Houston 1998
    1500 meters3:47.02Amos Kiygeon, Tulane 1998
    5000 meters14:09.30Amos Kiygeon, Tulane 1999
    10000 meters29:43.67Herbert Mwanji, TCU 2002
    110M hurdles13.68David Payne, Cincinnati2004
    400M hurdles50.05Greg Christie, Houston 2000
    steeplechase8:53.79 Paul Mutai, Tulane1996
    4x100m relay39.17TCU 2002
    4x400mrelay3:05.09TCU 2003

    Field Events
    high jump2.237-03.75Jeff Mueller, Houston 2000
    pole vault5.3017-4.50Jonathan Miller, USF2004
    long jump8.0526-05.00 Rephel Martin, Charlotte2000
    triple jump16.3253-06.50Delvit Rogers, Memphis 2000
    shot put19.0962-07.75 John Davis, Houston1998
    discus throw59.40194-10John Davis, Houston 1997
    hammer throw64.81212-07Carey Ryan, DePaul 2002
    javelin throw73.26240-04Nathan Junius, Tulane 2000
    decathlon7521 pointsJason Wilson, Southern Miss 2000


    Running Events
    100 meters 11.45 Kerine Black, USF & 2001

    11.45LaDedra Guy, Houston2004
    200 meters 23.14Donita Harmon, TCU2004
    400 meters 52.16 Ebonie Floyd, Houston2003
    800 meters 2:06.27 Vernetta Rolle, Houston1998
    1,500 meters 4:17.99 Hanne Lyngstad, Tulane1998
    3,000 meters 9:35.79 Hanne Lyngstad, Tulane2000
    steeplechase10:01.77Brianna Dahm, Marquette 2002
    5,000 meters 16:34.07 Maria Otto, USF1999
    10,000 meters 35:09.65 Susan Barth, Marquette 2001
    100m hurdles13.05 Jenny Adams, Houston2000
    400m hurdles57.89 Nadja Petersen, Tulane2001
    4x100M relay44.25 TCU2002
    4x400M relay3:37.73 Houston2002

    Field Events
    high jump1.775-9.75 Nadia Smith, Tulane1997
    pole vault3.8512-7.50Jacey Hughes, Louisville2004
    long jump6.4921-3.50Jenny Adams, Houston2000
    triple jump13.2643-6.00 Kerine Black, USF2000
    shot put16.0852-9.25 Chandra Brewer, USF2003
    discus throw58.44191-9 Dayana Octavien, USF2004
    hammer throw63.97209-10Dayana Octavien, USF2004
    javelin throw50.48m165-07 Helmi Leppanen, Tulane2002
    heptathlon 5,193 pointsKrystal Ward, Houston2002



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