Group Policy set for Houston Football Stadium

Feb. 14, 2014

HOUSTON -With the final rankings for the 2014 Houston Football Seat Selection process announced Wednesday, the University of Houston Athletics Department announced its Group Seating Policy and Group Selection Procedure for the Houston Football Stadium on Friday.

Members of Cougar Pride, Houston Football season ticket holders and fans who placed 2014 season ticket deposits will begin selecting their new seats utilizing an online 3D model of the stadium beginning in April.

Houston has partnered with Ballena Technologies to provide an online seating system using a 3D model of the Houston Football Stadium. Used by a number of professional and collegiate organizations, Ballena Technologies’ system will allow users to virtually enter the stadium to compare views and select available seats. The online 3D stadium model will be available to view on a trial basis for a two-week period leading up to the beginning of the Select-a-Seat process.

Group Seating Policy
Cougar Pride recognizes and supports the established traditions of Houston football season ticket holders and Cougar Pride members and the desire of its many groups to once again sit together as we move into the new football stadium in 2014. To provide the most equitable opportunity for groups to select their seats at a similar time, Cougar Pride has established the following Group Seat Selection Procedure.

Groups are defined as two or more individual accounts within the same Seat Selection Group (i.e.: Group 3 - $10,000 to $99,999 Stadium Donors - seat selection based on stadium donation amount first and then the 2013 CPPPS, etc.). For the 2014 season, groups wishing to be seated together must notify Cougar Pride in writing via email at cougarpride@uh.edu. You must include the account numbers and names for each individual to be grouped. The group must also select ONE group selection representative for the selection process. The selection representative will be responsible for placing members of the group that are not present at the time of selection. You MUST declare your group to Cougar Pride no later than Tuesday, March 4 in order for the seat selection appointments to be set up.

Group Selection Procedure

  1. Individual accounts that would like to be seated together now have an opportunity for their selection to be at the same date and time.
  2. According to the 2014 Seat Selection Plan, all account holders to be grouped must be designated in the same seat selection group (i.e.: Group 3 - $10,000 to $99,999 Stadium Donors - seat selection based on stadium donation amount first and then the 2013 CPPPS, etc.).
    1. Account holders interested in utilizing the group seating policy with those in a lower seat selection group may do so; however, only the ranks of the individuals in the lowest seat selection group will be counted in the group rank.
    2. Individuals in the higher seat selection group will not be factored in the average and forfeit his/her seat selection priority.
  3. All group members will email cougarpride@uh.edu with their group information including: account numbers, individual names, and selection representative prior to Tuesday, March 4.
  4. All account holders’ within the denoted group will have their Seat Selection Ranks averaged to determine the group’s new seat selection date and time.
    1. For example: Jon’s rank is 100, Ben’s Rank is 150. The average rank of their accounts is 125. The new seat selection rank for both Jon and Ben is 125.
    2. In the event of a ranking tie between the group and an individual account, the individual whose rank is the same will be slotted ahead of the group who now shares the same rank.
  5. All account holders will now be ordered by the new seat selection rank and will be given a seat selection date and time according to their new rank.
  6. Please note: Account holders’ stadium commitments and Cougar Pride giving levels are not combined to determine an average. Only your seat selection rank is averaged.
  7. The group must select ONE selection representative to select seats for the group at the group’s allotted selection date and time.
  8. The selection representative can select the group’s seats online or in person.
  9. Only the selection representative can select the group’s tickets if they are selected online, the tickets will be transferred to the remaining group members’ accounts following the selection. Cougar Pride will need to be notified of each account holder’s ticket placement.
  10. Any and all group members can come to the Cougar Pride office to make their selection in person at the group’s selection time.

Houston fans can currently place deposits for 2014 season tickets, the first in the new Houston Football Stadium, at UHCougars.com. A $50 deposit will allow fans to participate in the Season Ticket Select-A-Seat process in April. The $50 deposit is not a fee and will go towards the cost of season tickets. 2014 Season tickets in the new stadium begin at just $140.



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