Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What portion of my unrestricted Cougar Pride donation goes toward student-athlete scholarships and academic support?
A: One hundred percent.

Q: Is my Cougar Pride donation tax-deductible?
A: Yes. The donation that covers your priority seating obligation is 80 percent deductible; any additional donation is 100 percent deductible. Please contact your tax advisor for more information.

Q: At what donation level do I start receiving Cougar Pride benefits?
A: Although all cash/credit card gifts will be accepted, Cougar Pride benefits begin with a minimum annual contribution of $100. Parking benefits will begin at the Captain's Club ($350-$499).

Q: Can you explain the difference between an "UNRESTRICTED" and "RESTRICTED" gifts?
A: Cougar Pride consists of UNRESTRICTED donations used solely by the athletics department. Qualifying donations can be outright gifts and/or the portion above the Fair Market Value of special events (participation costs) and auction items (item value). A RESTRICTED gift is designated for a sport, a capital project or an endowment and is not considered a Cougar Pride gift.

Q: Why is the cost of seats in the premium and Club areas higher than other seats?
A: Along with the ticket price for each club seat, there is now a per seat donation attached to the ticket price in the club seating area. This procedure has been implemented to help offset the demand of premium seating options available to fans. In addition, and most importantly, the offering of premium seating helps elevate Houston Athletics to a new level of excellence. This additional gift will go directly to Cougar Pride to help offset the cost of student-athlete scholarships. With your support, we are able to impact our program in an immediate and positive way. You will also receive Cougar Pride credit for any donation made via a seat donation.

Q: Why is the donor seating donation being raised from $250 to $350 per four (4) seats?
A: Houston football's priority seating donation ($250 per 4 seats) has remained the same since the Cougars returned to Robertson Stadium from the Astrodome in 1998. The priority seating pricing has not historically reflected the massive tuition increases at the University of Houston since 1998. The current cost of a fully funded scholarship is now over $20,000! The increased funds will help support all Houston Athletics programs. This, in turn, enhances the experience for all Houston student-athletes.

Q: Will my donation help my seating at away football and postseason games and other special events?
A: Each year, fans have the opportunity to purchase tickets to away football games and postseason events involving the University of Houston. From time to time there are also special offers to Coog fans, such as the 2008 and 2010 NCAA Men's Basketball Regionals and the 2011 Final Four. Seating priority for these events is based on the Cougar Pride Priority Point System and if you have season tickets in the sport of the special event.

Q: Why is there a renewal deadline?
A: The renewal deadline allows us to provide a timeline for existing season ticket holders to renew their previous season locations. The deadline also enables the Houston Athletics Ticket Office to review seats available for reallocation to existing season ticket holders requesting changes and determine what seats can be sold to new season ticket holders.

Q: How can I request to sit with my friends?
A: Indicate the names and account numbers of the individuals you would like to be seated with when completing an order form or request form. All parties must indicate their desire to be seated together and make the same request on their respective order forms. Please e-mail your group seating request by the renewal or order deadline to tickets@uh.edu. Each party must make this request.

Q: How do I request additional season tickets?
A: Note the total number of tickets you would like to order in the quantity column on the renewal form. Indicate seating preferences for the additional seats and/or your preferences to move so you may have all of your seats located together. Please be advised that these are only requests. Requests will be filled based on the priority points system and availability of request.

Q: How do I request a seating change?
A: You may write any requests on the actual ticket application, or you may submit a separate written request to the Houston Athletics Ticket Office via e-mail, fax or mail. Be sure to describe, in as much detail as possible, exactly what you are requesting. Feel free to include sections, rows and seat numbers if applicable. Listing first, second and third choices will help in assessing the best seating available for your preferences (i.e., which is more important, yardage or height of row, etc.). Customers who renew seats online can make their requests on their online ticket renewal. (See page 10 for contact information.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: When allocating seats for parties wishing to sit together, the location will be based on the party with the lowest priority point total.

Q: I see I can buy tickets to donate to the Little Coogs program. What is Little Coogs?
A: Little Coogs is a University of Houston community outreach program. The program's purpose is to expose at-risk and underprivileged youths from Houston and the surrounding areas to a college atmosphere. One of the ways this is done is through attending sporting events on campus. Your donated tickets are distributed to these groups who otherwise would not have the opportunity to attend. You will receive a tax donation form from All-N-One for any donation made to Little Coogs. For more information on the program, visit uhcougars.com.

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