In an effort to more equitably serve Cougar Pride members, a system was developed in 2009 to determine ranking to fairly process and prioritize many benefits like postseason ticket allocation, championships and special events.  The priority point system is also used to allocate Cougar Pride benefits such as football season parking and seating.

    How exactly will Cougar Pride use Cougar Pride Priority Point System to prioritize benefits and allocate tickets for the upcoming seasons?
    Benefits will be prioritized first by annual giving level and then by priority points within the giving level. Preference will be given to people by giving level with season tickets if the benefit is seating or parking for a particular sport.

    What are the benefits of a priority point system?
    A priority point system allows Houston Athletics to offer benefits to donors and season ticket holders who support Cougar Pride and Houston Athletics over time with our fundraising efforts (see chart on right). It allows us an equitable system to prioritize our donors for special events, ticket opportunities and priority parking.

    Why is it necessary to have a points program?
    Since the inception of Cougar Pride, we have attempted to be fair to all of our donor/season ticket holders. A priority points program allows us to reward and be more fair to donors/season ticket holders for their past contributions in addition to their current support. Current giving will remain a factor in allocating tickets as we will seat based on your donation level first and then your priority point level within each donation level.  That means that those at the Corbin J. Robertson Society level would be seated first ranked by the priority points, then the Commissioner's Circle, and so on.

    Why do I only get points for donations and tickets since 2000?
    Houston Athletics changed ticket/donation software programs in 2000. Records kept prior to this date were in many formats, unreliable and unable to be imported into the new system. The starting date allows us to use traceable data going forward.

    How do I receive priority points?

    A donor/season ticket holder can receive points on both a one-time and annual basis. Donors/season ticket holders receive points based off the charts below:

    What happens if I do not make a donation or purchase season tickets during a donor year?
    If a donor/season ticket holder has accumulated points for gifts/season tickets prior to 2012 but does not make a donation or purchase season tickets in the 2013 Cougar Pride donor year, he/she will not have an activated account to receive priority points. If that person makes a donation in 2013, their account will be reactivated and he/she will receive points for his/her previous donations/season ticket purchases.

    How exactly will you use priority points to prioritize benefits?
    Benefits will be prioritized by annual giving level first and priority points within the giving level second. Preference will be given to people by giving level with season tickets if the benefit is seating for a particular sport.

    Are there any other reasons why I should have season tickets in my name?
    Yes. When allocating benefits such as parking or postseason events, priority will be given to those with season tickets. Donors without season tickets to a particular sport may receive the benefit, based on availability, after all season ticket holders receive the available benefit. In order to be considered to receive seating priority for the 2014 football Select-A-Seat, you must be a season ticket holder for the 2013 football season. The best way to ensure that you receive the desired number of seats for the 2014 season is to make sure you purchase the same amount in 2013.

    I have been buying tickets under someone else's name and making donations in that person's name. Will these past donations give me any credit within the points system?
    No. Each donor and/or season ticket holder should maintain his or her own account. Cougar Pride cannot be responsible for determining donations and ticket purchases through another party. We strongly encourage individuals to establish season ticket accounts that coincide with current Cougar Pride memberships.

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