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    Young Alumni 
    The Young Alumni Program offers recent graduates within the last five years an opportunity to receive Cougar Pride benefits, network with established alumni, and most importantly, make a change. They have the chance to obtain Cougar Pride points at all donor levels at a reduced rate and sit in specific Young Alumni sections at TDECU Stadium. This allows Young Alumni the chance to attend athletic luncheons, meet coaches and student-athletes, as well as attend alumni networking events.

    How you benefit:
    Young Alumni will receive a multiplier of four times their donations in regards to Cougar Pride giving levels for the first five years after graduation.

    If a Young Alumni member wanted to be at the All-American Club ($1,000 level), they would only need to make a full donation of $250 (normally Varsity Club level). [$250 donation x Multiplier of four = $1,000 credit]

    To see a breakdown of each Donor Level and the benefits you will receive, please click here

    On behalf of Cougar Pride, current alumni, student-athletes and coaches we thank you for your support and commitment to your school and Houston Athletics. You are the change!

    Where will the Young Alumni sections be located in TDECU Stadium?
    Young Alumni will be given two options for seating inside TDECU Stadium. The Young Alumni lower section will be located in section 117 and priced at $175 ($150 ticket/$25 Cougar Pride donation). The Young Alumni upper sections will be located in sections 234 and 333-335 and priced at $125 ($100 ticket/$25 Cougar Pride donation).

    Wait? I get a parking pass for Houston Football home games?
    That's correct! With a Young Alumni season ticket, $25 of the cost is a Cougar Pride donation and with your Young Alumni four times multiplier, you are credited with a $100 donation to Cougar Pride and that puts you in Varsity Club, which if you'll see on the parking map, puts you in the TDECU Stadium garage. Full parking details can be found here.

    What this means:
    Since the inception of Cougar Pride, we have attempted to be fair to all of our donor/season ticket holders. A priority point program allows us to reward donors/season ticket holders for their past contributions in addition to their current support. Current giving will remain a factor in allocating tickets as we will seat based on donation level first and then priority point level within each donation level. That means that those at the Corbin J Robertson Society level would be seated first ranked by the priority points, then the Commissioner's Circle, and so on.

    To see more about the priority points system, click here.

    Young Alumni Why is it important to build up Cougar Pride points?
    A priority point system allows Houston Athletics to offer benefits to donors who give consistently over time to unrestricted (Cougar Pride annual) or restricted (capital gifts, etc) drives. It allows us to prioritize our donors for special events, ticket opportunities and priority parking.

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