Houston-ECU Quotes

May 25, 2006

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HEAD COACH Rayner Noble

Overall Thoughts On The Game

"I thought that the biggest reason that we won today was because we got an outstanding pitching effort from Brad (Lincoln). He held them at bay and they never had a chance to get anything going. When you can do that, from a pitching standpoint, your chances to win are very good."

On the Cougars Hitting

"It was just a matter of time before we got after it offensively. We hit some balls that got caught in the teeth of the wind early and it just a matter of our guys getting an eye on (Dustin) Sasser, hitting the ball hard and keeping it out of the wind."

On being off on Friday before returning to action on Saturday:

"It is an off day tomorrow, but we're not going to treat it that way. We're going to have a good practice. We're going to treat it like a Thursday before a big weekend series. We've learned from the past that you can't just go on vacation for a day and then not come ready to play on Saturday."


"It's good to get a win on my birthday. You know it was hot out there, so I was just trying to be efficient with my pitches and get a lot of first pitch outs and that's what helped me through."


"We finally got runners on - it took us awhile. When you get those runners on you have to get them in. Lincoln came up with his own run and everybody kind of starting hitting from there.

"We didn't panic. We were hitting the ball hard, but like coach (Noble) said, the wind was blowing in and we just had to be patient. You can't get upset, you just go up there and keep swinging."



Overall Thoughts On The Game

"It was very disappointing, but you have to give credit to Houston. Brad Lincoln was very tough, like he's been all year. I knew that we were going to have our hands full and for us to win, we'd have to be in a 3-2 or 2-1 game. I thought our guys did a good job, but the big blow was the four run fifth inning. The hit and run that kind of bounced over the third baseman's head and then Weston hit the ball out. They get four runs there and it was tough to come back from."



On Brad Lincoln

"I've seen a lot of good pitchers in my day, but he's a big, strong, physical, durable guy. He's not going to wear down as the season goes on - typically those guys don't."

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