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    June 7, 2006

    Cougar Baseball Fans,

    Well, the season's over and I am officially an alum of the University of Houston Baseball program. We ended the season on Sunday against the University of Oklahoma at their place in the Norman Regional.

    It wasn't a very joyous day considering most of the seniors were emotional, and we finished our season short of our goal. But hopefully next year's team can make it to the College Baseball Promised Land in Omaha, Nebraska.

    I know that this will be the very last of "Plays at the Plate" by Brett Logan, and I just wanted to take the opportunity the say thank you for everyone's love and support (my teammates, coaching and support staff, friends, family, and fans) over the last five years.

    My tenure at the University of Houston was full of fun, life lessons and enjoyment, and I will always remember the time I spent here. I am so very thankful for the opportunity to play baseball for such a great program and hopefully I can continue playing this great game at the next level.

    Thanks again for everything,

    Brett Logan #27

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