JANUARY 13, 2014

    Hello, Cougar Field.

    JANUARY 8, 2014


    JANUARY 2, 2014

    Houston Baseball turns to FieldTurf DoublePlay for better baseball-specific playability


    DECEMBER 28, 2013

    #TracktheTurf Update: FieldTurf is complete at Cougar Field.

    DECEMBER 18, 2013

    #TracktheTurf Update: Green FieldTurf is down ... dark brown warning track is next.

    DECEMBER 17, 2013

    #TracktheTurf Update: All in one day's work ... FieldTurf crew is making this happen ... and quick.

    DECEMBER 16, 2013

    #TracktheTurf Update: This is really happening. Turf is here!!!

    DECEMBER 10, 2013

    #TracktheTurf Update: Rock layer being installed at Cougar Field and visiting bullpen construction continues.

    DECEMBER 4-5, 2013

    #TracktheTurf Update: Liner and rock layer down on Cougar Field.

    DECEMBER 2, 2013

    #TracktheTurf Update: Rain was a factor as the construction crew continues progress at Cougar Field.

    NOVEMBER 21, 2013

    #TracktheTurf Update: Visiting bullpen structure is created ... soil sealant is placed on infield.

    NOVEMBER 19, 2013

    #TT - Transformation Tueday ... Cougar Field has gone through quite the change from April to November. Stay tuned for what's next ... #TracktheTurf.

    NOVEMBER 18, 2013

    Check out the progress the construction crew has made in preparation for a full artificial playing surface at Cougar Field after just one week of work ... #TracktheTurf.

    NOVEMBER 16, 2013

    Night time view of the work being done at Cougar Field ... #TracktheTurf.

    NOVEMBER 13, 2013

    Cougar Field is officially UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Crew makes Day 1 success as we aim for artificial turf ... #TracktheTurf.

    NOVEMBER 12, 2013

    • Step 1: digging holes in the outfield at Cougar Field #TracktheTurf


    NOVEMBER 9, 2013

    • Baseball student-athletes and coaches pack up the tarp, which will not be needed with the new turfed Cougar Field.


    • (Left pic) Ryan Vruggink ‏@Ryan_Vruggink (How many baseball players does it take to load a tarp? A lot but sucker is on there.)
    • (Right pic) Todd Whitting ‏@toddwhitting (Loading up the tarp... Won't need it on the NEW Cougar Field. @UHCougarBB #fieldturf)

    NOVEMBER 1, 2013

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