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Jan. 19, 2013

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Men's Basketball Postgame Quotes: UCF 79, Houston 75 (OT)

Opening Statement
"I'm very disappointed. I certainly want to congratulate UCF. They completed the game well. They competed hard, made big plays and shot the ball well throughout the game. We gave up too many interior points and too many points off the turnover. We've given up too many offensive rebounds, and then we had some bad possessions down the stretch.

You can't win games if you give up 79 points on your home court. We have to work hard defensively, we've got to do a good job rebounding and we can't make the mistakes that we made. The last possession of regulation when we stepped out of bounds, we just did not play as well as we had to play."

On what went wrong tonight
"We're certainly not as cerebral as we needed to be with the ball."

On the passing game
"We want to establish and get the ball inside. Even if you get a three, you can penetrate and pitch. When you look at the three-point percentage and our conference three-point percentage, it was 22 percent going into this game. We didn't shoot it very well tonight at all, 30 percent. We're not shooting the ball as well. That happens in conference play. They did a good job of getting the ball down low. We double-teamed well at times. When you play any team and they come in and get four guys in double figures, you're going to have a long night most of the time."

On second-half defense
"That's a very good point. That's why I called a timeout. They had 32 points and right at two minutes into the second half they had 40. We wanted to set the tone defensively and we didn't do that. It's hard to win when you give up 30 points in the half."

On point guard production tonight
"We didn't play as well at the point. Little J (J.J. Thompson) played 21 minutes and Tione Womack played 24. Little J had two points in the game and Tione didn't score. Tione had one assist and Little J had four. That's not a very good stat line for 45 minutes. They're both better players than that."

On considering giving RS junior guard Jimmie Jones more playing time
"Jimmie practices hard all the time. Tione just came off having eight assists and J.J. had four, but we have to take better care of the ball. We had some bad possessions and certainly did not play well in overtime."

On the last possession in overtime
"We called a play earlier that we wanted to run and didn't have any timeouts left. We didn't quite get set up like we wanted to. That's when you have to use clock management and something we try to do when we called the set in the previous timeout."

On the last play draw up
ldquo;I wanted to set a high ball screen and pop it and be able to have more movement instead of just getting locked in on one guy. Danuel House hit a shot like that against Texas Southern to put the game into overtime. I know he was trying to do what he thought he could do to help the team."

On alternating between zone and man defense
"We've got to play balanced. We're giving up too many points right now. We've got to be better defensively, it has to come more and more important to us on every possession. It's about the course of 40 minutes where we sustain efforts."

On his message moving forward
"We had a lead in both games and we have to finish. In order to finish you've got to be disciplined and execute. The most disappointing thing for me is just defending better. A lot of times we would have really good defensive stands and couldn't get the rebound. The tell tale story from this game was the 50-50 ball. There were very few times in the game when they didn't beat us to the loose ball or to what we call the 50-50 ball. We seemed like we were just a step slow on getting there."

On defensive struggles as being part of a young team
"Part of it is we have to have the right mindset. Our guys have a lot of confidence in that locker room, but so does every other team that we're going to face. You have to make it uncomfortable for them. We are just not as consistent and not as determined as we need to be."

On the difference in the second half going down the stretch
"It's like (Danuel) House said, we didn't take care of the ball. We couldn't finish on baskets and UCF made us pay for it."

On your performance over the last two games
"Coach emphasized us getting to the boards and creating rebounds, and that's what I've been trying to do. I got my first points off a tip in, and the second time was an open three so I faked the shot. On the third shot, I was feeling my shot and everything was falling for me."

On how disappointing the loss is after a fast start
"It's very disappointing knowing that we should have taken care of the ball better as a unit. In the end, they made us pay for it."

On the last three-point shot
"We were supposed to run the set, and I looked up at the time and I tried to create a shot. He tipped the shot and we had to foul after they got the rebound. "

On playing in close games in Conference USA play
"At the end of the stretch, coach told us that we weren't playing good defense. Right now that's our only problem. We are working as a unit the way we want. Once we figure out how to play defense in the final ten minutes of the game, we'll be a good team.

On defensive breakdowns down the stretch
"Coach said we had a lack of concentration, and that we needed to concentrate harder. First half we came out great, and in the second we were too comfortable with the lead we had. UCF snuck up on us today."



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