Men's Basketball Post Game Quotes

Jan. 20, 2010

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HEAD COACH Tom Penders
Opening statement:

“It was a tough night getting the ball in the basket. I don’t care what you’re running, when you only make 25 percent of your shots, it’s tough to be competitive. All we could do was fight and do the best we could. I don’t remember shooting 25 percent before but on the other hand UCF played a really good game, and they shot really well from the floor.”

On Kahmell getting the start:
“We have a rule where if you are a starter and miss a class, you don’t start. Maurice missed the first day of class yesterday so he didn’t start.”

On the defense in the first half:

“It’s hard until I break the film down but we were trying to take away the three point shot because that’s what they do best. We gave them some baskets inside, and we were willing to do that if we could trade baskets for a while but we couldn’t get in rhythm. They were going to get some easy stuff inside but we wanted that to happen. We wanted them to play at a fast pace. We just couldn’t get our offensive game going to get the game in our favor. We blew nine layups in the first half. If we can make those, I can live with our first half performance.”

On if the players weren’t focused:

“Focus should never be an excuse. How can you not be focused when you play 16 league games? We had two very good practices in a row. Kelvin Lewis goes 3-for-16. I can tell you Kelvin is sick and taking antibiotics so he’s a little weak. If he is healthy, maybe that doesn’t become an issue.”

On the offense:
“We need to relax on offense and attack the paint, keep going inside, either off the dribble or off the pass. Which we didn’t do too bad of a job, we went to the line 40 times. But this was a conference game, and there’s no fear factor with them. I remember when we beat two Top 25 teams and then UCF came here and beat us. They are a well-coached team and run really good stuff. You have to give them credit. We play them twice and they got us this time. Hopefully next time we play them we shoot better than 25 percent.”

On if the loss is an embarrassment:
“Aubrey is always embarrassed when we lose. I’ve known him for a few years, and he always takes the loss hard. He’s inconsolable when we lose. I’m not embarrassed, that’s basketball. UCF played great and maybe that’s why we had a bad game. I don’t know how many layups we missed; even in that last minute we missed four in a row. It gets contagious, and, as a coach, you have to tell the players to get that game out of their system. I told them after the game ‘You fought hard, you scratched, you have to move on from this game.’”  

SENIOR GUARD Aubrey Coleman
On what the team expected before playing the game:

“Last year, we beat them so we definitely weren’t expecting this. We took it slow coming in, and they just gave it right to us. We weren’t ready for that.”

On the team only making 25 percent of their shots:
“We weren’t ready to play, that’s all I can say. We took them too lightly. We didn’t have a sense of urgency on the court, and when we tried to come back, it was just too late.”

On the defense doing more work than offense:

“We can’t be like that. We have to make shots. Anyone can do well when we already have a big lead.”

On the overall view of the game:

“As a team, it took a little while to get it going. We need to execute better. They came out a little harder than us. When we woke up, we had already put ourselves in a whole, and it was hard to dig ourselves out of it. We need to regroup, we’ll see them again, but for now we need to focus on Memphis.”

On what made them a difficult team to play:

“Their system was a little difficult. They keep it moving. They try to keep you playing for 20 to 30 seconds on offense and then pull their defense out.”

On whether or not they overlooked this team because of Memphis:
“I don’t think we overlooked them because of Memphis. We just can’t get relaxed. We need to finish out strong.”

On whether the game was disappointing or frustrating:
“A little bit of both. We expect to win every game. If you don’t come out hard and come out flat, you let people beat you down and knock you around. You can’t win like that. That’s why it’s frustrating. As a team, we need to play harder. Coming out of the gate, we waited too long to get it going. Once we got it going, we were pretty good, but we can’t wait that long to start it up.”



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