Men's Basketball Postgame Quotes vs. UAB

Jan. 26, 2013

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HEAD COACH James Dickey
Opening Statement
“I’m happy that our Coaches Association recognizes this day for cancer awareness and that we support this disease. Our staff is really honored to be a part of it and I’m glad we could do that today.”

“I’m glad we won. We didn’t play as well as we are capable, but we played a lot better than we’ve been playing. We did a good job changing defenses. Our players adjusted well. We guarded better. We made some big plays down the stretch—several big plays. Leon made a big block. House came in and made a big jumper and a steal on the other end. Stiggers hit two big threes. Joe hit two big free throws. J.J. (Thompson) hit two big free throws. J.J. (Richardson) made some big plays when he was in there. We made some big plays down the stretch.”

“I’m happy that we won the game. The biggest disappointment was having a 13-point lead and not finishing out the game, while letting them actually come back and take the lead in the game. I’m glad to get out of that skid.”

On the mindset when UAB took the lead
“We’ve been really positive and we’ve had good preparation. Last Saturday was a heartbreaker for us. Wednesday was a nightmare for me. Our effort was not what it needed to be. Thursday our guys really had a good practice, and we had a good practice yesterday. We had a great day today in terms of preparation leading up to the game. I really felt we would win and the players felt that way. They know we didn’t execute well in some situations. I thought we had some ill-advised shots and we got a little tentative defensively.”

On what UAB was able to do to get back in the game
“UAB did a couple things well. They overloaded the zone and threw back across because we are really help conscious. They did a nice job throwing over the top in man and zone. A lot of guys can shoot threes if you don’t guard them.”



On the Cougar’s play in the final minutes of the game
“Down the stretch we did a good job. We had some fouls to give and the guys really played smart. A big play was J.J. (Thompson), when we still had another foul to give. We were going to give the foul, J.J. saw the guy was going to shoot it, and he just got out of the way, and the guy just shot the ball out of bounds.”

On the teams rebounding
“Leon is getting better and better. That’s part of his role. He posted well a couple of times. He did a good job. Even though we didn’t have a lot of assists tonight we were unselfish for the most part. I was really happy the way we defended and outrebounded. We only gave up six offensive rebounds.”

On the teams’ turnovers
“They got 11 points off turnovers. We’re still turning the ball over too much. We’ve got to take better care of the ball.”

On the team’s points in the paint tonight
“We’ve been working on that the last couple of days. That doesn’t mean we don’t want the guys shooting the ball, because we do. We just want them to be balanced, be comfortable and have a good look at the basket. We’ve got some guys that can shoot the ball, but the best time to shoot the three point shot is after an offensive rebound. We made a concerted effort to throw the ball to the block. That doesn’t mean we’re going to throw the ball inside every time, but inside out passes open up the perimeter for you.”

On the rotation changes he mentioned after the Tulsa game
“I thought about that, but you have to have somebody chomping on your heels. You can’t just make a change and reward somebody that’s not really challenging somebody else. We have some other guys that can play. The better your six through 12 guys are the better your starters are. They’ve got to push them in practice.”

On the block at the end of the game
“I turned my head at the last possible second, saw the guy coming off of J.J. (Thompson) and tried to make a play on the ball.”

On the mindset down the stretch
“We knew we had to come out of this game with a win. Somehow, someway we had to get the job done. Coach D-Rob (Daniyal Robinson) told us we had to come out with a fire in this game. He told me the biggest play of the game was the block I had down the stretch. We had great contributors with J-Rod (Jherrod Stiggers) with his threes and House (Danuel) with his free throws.”

On the UAB comeback towards the end
“Our focus was on the defensive end. Coach told us that when we play defense, the offense will come.  That’s what we did to hold them off.”

On the UAB 18-2 run
“There are times where teams sneak up on us. We know that every team is going to give us their best shot when they play us. Sometimes our team lacks energy on the defensive end. We come out with fire on offense, but defense doesn’t have that same energy. We have to realize that defense is going to win games for us.” 

On what Coach Dickey wants defensively from the team
“He asked us if we could give him 40 minutes of solid defensive action. Right now we are trying to come together as a team to play solid defense. When we can do that, then it will ignite our team to play on another level.”

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