Men's Basketball Postgame Quotes vs. Marshall

Jan. 30, 2010

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HEAD COACH Tom Penders
Opening statement

"We played an extremely solid game. Early on, our focus was not to give them a lot on the exterior and open looks on three pointers because they shoot those very well. We also wanted to see how [Hassan] Whiteside and [Tyler] Wilkerson were doing. We felt that we could play them straight up in the second half in a conventional man-to-man.

"Defensively, we didn't miss many assignments, which was good, and that sets a tone. We took advantage of a lot of fast break opportunities. We did a good job of converting advantage baskets, particularly in the second half, and I thought it was good. We executed our half court offense extremely well in the second half. We got the ball where we wanted to get it in the first half, but in the second half we just executed better.

"Also, we changed some of the ways to get in to the point for Aubrey [Coleman]. We had one way in the first half but about three different ways in the second half."

On Kendrick Washington
"I went to see him. I'm still trying to see what he's capable of minute wise and condition wise. I was pleased with what I saw. There were a couple of time that I was going to call a time out and take him out of the game, but I was really just watching him. He played every minute hard, and he's a smart player. All week long, my main focuses were to make sure my players stayed upbeat and confident and to incorporate Kendrick [Washington] into our offenses and defenses along with Maurice [McNeil]."

"He's a big body on offense and defense, and we run a lot of plays through him in which he's passing the ball or setting screens, and we're going to expand a lot of that stuff. We only have a couple plays to get it to him inside. But, there's so many things that he does like passing that we might want to move him to the high post and run some stuff off of him."



FRESHMAN FORWARD Kendrick Washington
On why he kept looking at the bench

"I was just looking at some of my teammates and making faces, just having fun. They wanted me to get a dunk in there."

On what he told head coach Tom Penders
"Well, after a few losses with using only four guards, I just told him that I wanted to play. He was worried about my legs because he didn't want me to struggle out there, but I showed him I was okay. I told him my leg was fine and I was ready to go and he gave me a shot."

On coming back from surgery
"It was hard at first because I was used to running and dunking and I couldn't do that at first and that was frustrating. I just had to work way back at practice slowly. I'm ready."

On watching Aubrey Coleman
"I just watch him and you know, give him all my prayers. I see him work and work at it. When he makes it, it's unbelievable."

On last shot
"I did it once at Rice. I was just playing around and having fun and I made it."

SENIOR GUARD Aubrey Coleman
On the game

"We saw them play Memphis and they just played with them. They started getting confidence and they realized they could keep up and they just kept up with it."

On Marshall freshman forward Hassan Whiteside being in foul trouble
"Basically we just wanted to stop them from scoring. We just needed to focus on the guards and shut them down. "

On the defense
"We need we would have to play defense first. It was the goal tonight. We wanted to play defense so we could just run on an open court. It seemed like they didn't have a lot of confidence. They were kind of hesitant and we had Kendrick step up tonight and that was a big help. It was a challenge."

On Kendrick Washington
"He stood up to Coach Penders and told him he wanted to play. He was really stepping up and that takes a lot off me. Normally we go with four guards and Coach Penders said that we would go with four guards until someone would step up and Ken did that for us."

On his game
"I've been working out by myself at night. I train my mind like I want to and play like I want to play. I just focus, relax and just hit my jump shots."

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