Houston 62, Marshall 63

Feb. 1, 2011

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HEAD COACH James Dickey
Opening Statement
"Let me start by congratulating Marshall. They made some big plays at the end. I was proud of the way our guys competed. We just have to finish games better. There are always keys to a loss when you look at them. Coming in to this game Marshall had done a terrific job getting to the free throw line. Against Memphis they got there 37 times."

"Some of the things we wanted to do were try to defend without fouling, and for us to be more aggressive and get to the free throw line. We were there a lot, 31 times, but we didn't hit enough of them. We have to do a better job coaching our guys on free throws, and we have to hit free throws better."

"We got to be more cerebral. I have to do a better job coaching these guys to where they understand where they have to be on key plays. Alandise (Harris) had a good block and a good defensive play. In that situation you need to either take the ball out of bounds and set your defense, or throw it deep, but you don't ever want to throw back under the basket.

"I knew we had a couple of timeouts, but I didn't want them to get a chance to set their defense, so I just wanted our guys to come down and push the ball. We were in the double bonus, so I wanted to push the ball and try to get a basket or draw a foul. Instead we turned the ball over."

"In the end, Alandise (Harris) made a terrific pass as you possibly can to give us a chance with 0.9 seconds. We just didn't execute, and have not executed, in the last four games during the last three minutes of the game."

"We have to coach better in those situations and get our guys playing better."

On the end of the game
"Plays happen very quickly, and I know that basketball is a game of repetition and muscle memory. We practiced that play, ball goes out of bounds, then you throw it deep, eat it, then throw it to a teammate or call for the ball, but don't ever throw it back in underneath the basket. That is what you learned in 7th grade. You don't ever give up the baseline. That is what your 7th grade coach teaches you; don't ever let a guy drive to the baseline."

On Zamal Nixon's play at the end of the game
"He doesn't have to take the 3-pointer. he could dribble-drive. We were in the double bonus. His success in the second half had been driving to the basket, penetrating and getting to the basket. He could have penetrated and got himself to the line or pitched it to the open guy. On the last play you make it easy for them if you just jump up and shoot a three, and he shoots an air ball. I wanted him to drive. We had Alandise (Harris) up there to set a ball screen, and you put pressure on them by putting the ball on the floor. We had been very aggressive due to the number of free throws we shot."

On closing games
"We just can't finish close games. We're turning the ball over and not doing what coach says. We're doing the wrong things."

On frustrations at the free throw line
"I just haven't been shooting free throws regularly like I usually do on the day of the game. I was out of sync from the start."

On what the team did to get back in the game
"We just played great defense, boxed out on rebounds, and contained defensively. We made plays on the offensive end too."

On what one more day to prepare for Tulsa means
"I think it helps. I think we'll be fine when we play Tulsa. We just have to play to win.

On what the last four games have felt like
"It's frustrating because we know we are right there. We just aren't closing games out, not finishing. It's frustrating. We'll bounce back though."

On the last basket
"I thought Alandise (Harris) blocked it out of bounds, and then I saw Adam try to save it in, it just went to the other team."

On the last Houston shot
"Coach Dickey drew the play up, and Alandise threw a good pass. I probably should have taken more time. I just caught it and thought I had a real good look."

On needing to play the full 40 minutes
"We tend to play hard when we're down, we scramble. But we should have done that from the beginning. It seems that we play harder when we're down. We need to get out of that habit."

On how they feel at this point
"I still think we're good. We know we can beat the teams that we've lost to even though they are all good teams. We're not really down about it, but we're disappointed."



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