Houston 51, SMU 65

Feb. 16, 2011

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HEAD COACH James Dickey
Opening Statement
"I want to congratulate SMU. They played well and with a lot of confidence tonight. They executed well all night. Giving up 39 points in the first has was not a good performance on our part."

"After giving SMU credit, I have to say this is probably the worst performance all year. It is my job to get them ready, and we were not ready."

"I made a bad decision not starting Adam (Brown) or Darian (Thibodeaux) on SMU's Robert Nyakundi. We started (Alandise) Harris on him, like we did up in Dallas, and it didn't work out. Robert and Papa Dia just killed us in the first half. We switched in the second half, and our wings did a much better job on him (Nyakundi)."

"We didn't play with energy. I want to apologize to our fans, our scholarship donors who give so much money also. I'm sorry they were here tonight. We weren't ready to play. Part of it had to do with the way SMU played obviously."

"We shot one free throw tonight. We weren't aggressive and didn't attack. We talked about attacking and making the SMU players have to guard us, but we settled for jump shots too often. We didn't play well, and they did."

On playing a zone defense
"I thought about playing zone, but we are a good man team when we play hard. If you're not playing man-to-man defense hard, I'd be really worried about switching to a zone. SMU is also the leading 3-point shooting team in conference, so that was in the back of my mind. I felt that we were going to hit a spark, start playing some defense and get things rolling. We were very lethargic tonight."

On getting beat at home
"Getting beat at home is such an insult to all of the great players that have played here and all the great fans that have come through Hofheinz Pavilion. You just have to refuse to lose at home. We have to be ready to play every time you go out there and especially at home."



"They forced us to settle for jump shots. We hit 11 three-pointers the last time we were up in Dallas. We actually worked on passing out of the double team on the post, I know it doesn't look like that, but we did. We turned the ball over way too much passing out of the double teams. You have to give them credit for what they did defensively. SMU has gotten better. They are executing their offense better, and they are playing with a little swag too. You just have to give them credit for what they were doing offensively."

On attitude
"There are two things a player can do well every game - play hard and play hard defense. Some days you're not going to shoot the ball well or handle it well. I'm a firm believer that, in every game, you play, you can give that effort in those aspects of the game."

On the preparation for the next game
"We would probably come back and practice tonight if we could, but that is against the rules. We need to get the right mentality and focus this week. We need to go play hard and compete. UTEP is a very good team, and we'll need to bring that hard attitude with us."

On why they came out flat "We just didn't play with any heart today. We just came to play basketball instead of win. We were just going through the motions the whole game. It was lack of self-motivation."

On who the blame lies on for coming out flat "We came out as individuals tonight instead of as a team. We came out on our own agendas, and that will never work in basketball. It's 5-on-5 for a reason."

On how to fix what is wrong
"We have to have some people step up. We need to start letting people know this is not acceptable."

On how frustrating the loss is "Very frustrating, but at the same time I'm glad its coming out before we get to a point where it is too late. It's not over yet, and we can still turn it around. It's good to know the weaknesses we have so we can correct them."

On what needs to happen at practice tomorrow
"We have a lot of people who follow us as seniors. We just have to come out and make sure we have energy and the right mindset."

On the struggles of the defense
"We started off flat. We were flat the whole game. We didn't have any energy."

On offensive struggles
"Usually we go on a run, somebody will hit a big three, or somebody will make a big play. It just seemed like we didn't have that. We were just trading baskets, and they were getting easy cuts which was just draining the team."

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