Men's Basketball Postgame Quotes vs. Southern Miss

March 12, 2010

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2009-10 Houston Cougars Men's Basketball Postgame Quotes
2010 GMC Sierra Conference USA Championship Semifinals
(7) Houston Cougars (18-15 * 7-9 C-USA) vs. (6) Southern Miss Golden Eagles (20-13 * 8-8 C-USA)
Friday, March 12, 2010 * BOK Center * Tulsa, Okla.

Opening Statement

"That was a very hard-earned win. We were very concerned, the coaches were, about them getting off to a lead early because they can grind it out. They've got a great possession team. They make you work on defense. They try to wear you down. I thought our kids were really patience and that was a key. We didn't take but one or two pressured or rushed shots all game and we didn't do a really good job defending, especially late in the first half. There were a few mismatch things we had to straighten out."

Defensively, we played a great game against a team that I have a lot of respect for. Larry [Eustachy] is a great coach, and his system, I'll tell you, you need a week to prepare for Larry and his team. They're tough."

On the spark Adam Brown gave the team late in the first half
"Adam [Brown] was big. He was a big lift. We went to the four guards and it provided a difficult matchup for them and their defense. We just thought we'd try it and see how it worked because Adam is one of those guys who once he gets going, he can be tough. He's had some great games for us this year."

On play in the tournament after his up-and-down performances during the season

"I had an up-and-down season. My role has changed and this has been my first year at this level. I've learned right off the bat that you always have to be ready no matter if you're playing a minute or 10 minutes or if you're starting or coming off the bench or you get in for the last thirty seconds. You always have to come in and do your part. And we do our part. And I feel like whenever we put all our parts together we can always win."

On the effect of playing 3 games in 3 days going into the game against UTEP

"Our team is full of workhorses. I know I'm the No. 1 workhorse on the team, so I never get tired. I never get winded, and that's why I never worry. We happen to just be really playing hard, and we go over what we need to go over, and then we just get out of the gym. Our legs are still under us. No excuses. We're here now. No excuses."

Opening statement

"I thought that we kind of ran out of gas. You know, shoot, we left Friday of last week, what's today? Friday and we haven't been home since, so I think they were more determined. Give Houston all the credit in the world. They were more determined. In spite of it we were in the game. We just couldn't come up with the ball a few times.

But I'm proud of our guys and it's not an excuse but right before the game Gary Flowers found out his grandfather died, who basically raised him, so it was a tough game I think for him to play. Our team's a little fragile. It might have bothered us, but the tougher team won. Tom [Penders] did a really nice job with this group. To lose to Tulane and come in here, win three and be in the finals, I think you have to give him a lot of credit for that. Credit goes to Houston, and I'm very proud of our guys, very proud."

On a first half stretch that got Houston in the game
"Subbing hurt us from all angles, particularly our own bench. We started out fine, and we went to our bench, and their bench was 7-of-8 in the first half. We gave up 44 points in the game against UAB, and we gave up 43 points in the second half, so we just ran out of gas. We're excited about getting a little rest and going to play in some type of tournament. It's a big step for our program."

On playing in the postseason
"We're going to play somewhere, probably on Tuesday. We've got to figure it out. We're going to bus back. We left it up to the team if they wanted to leave tonight or in the morning. They said in the morning, so we're going to get to bed, get up early and get a good day's rest once we get back.

I'm just really proud of them to get postseason play. They tried their hearts out today; we just ran out of gas. I had guys out there too long, too many minutes. We're going to accept some type of play and play early next week, and it hasn't happened at Southern Miss in a long time. We had a nice little road swing. We won three out of four games since we left, which seems about a year and a half ago that we haven't been home. So it'll be good to get home and do what we talked about."

On two Maurice McNeil offensive rebounds late in the second half
"We talked about that after the game, and I told them it was a huge thing. Gary was a part of it, but if you look at the minutes, how many minutes did McNeil play? [25] and Gary was out there about the whole game. Fatigue got us. Again a tired R.L Horton was better than what we had coming off the bench tonight, so a lot of it was just fatigue because normally we would get those balls.

We just kind of got beaten down - kind of the whole game. The whole game wasn't right. It wasn't us. It just wasn't us. It wasn't who we are. We're usually a lot more physical, a lot harder and it just wasn't us and that's OK.

We'll learn from this. These guys have been in every game except Vanderbilt, been through a lot, 0-4 start in the league, lost two games that were kind of humiliating to everybody on the coast. We've been through a lot of adversity this year, and obviously Gary is facing a lot. We'll face it as a team coming up, but we're excited about we're where headed, what we've got back, and we'll see what we can do in this tournament.

On Gary Flowers
"He's been terrific. He's a double-double guy. You can basically count on that. He's grown. Both these guys have grown just leaps and bounds. Like I said to you guys, I've been there. I've done it. I don't need to do it anymore as far as accolades or anything. This is really for you. Let's try to get to the finals.

We were out of gas. We were on empty. My measuring stick is how these guys grow and from when I first met Gary to where he is now, he's turned into a real man. And he was a young man when I first met him and now he's a man and he'll continue to grow.

I told R.L. despite your numbers not being what they were, this is the best year you had by far. I'm just real proud of our guys. We fought back and we feel like we can play with anybody in this league. Just a little beat down right now probably mentally and physically so what we need is a nice 12-hour bus ride ... That's what we need, but it will be restful because these guys could sleep on whatever you call the NASA thing that goes up in the air. They could sleep strapped to the space shuttle. Believe me, nothing bothers them, so they'll get plenty of sleep. They'll be fine."

On playing after learning his grandfather passed away

"I tried my best to block it out. I knew we had a task at hand we were trying to get accomplished so I tried my best to block it out and not think about it."

On balancing out the disappointment of losing Saturday but playing in the postseason
"The season's been a bunch of highs and lows. You've got to take the good with the bad. We appreciate the chance to play postseason basketball and give the university something they've been missing the past years whether that's the NCAA Tournament or whatever type of tournament we play in."

On the growth the team made

"Guys know what they did wrong. It was all on us. We just didn't make the right plays during the game."



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