Men's Basketball Postgame Quotes

Nov. 8, 2013

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Opening Statement
“I’m very happy we won. This was a tough opener for a couple of reasons. One, they have good athletes, and two Danny (Kaspar) is a very good coach. They’re going to beat a lot of people. They understand who they are, and what they’re trying to do, and they gave us a tough game. House had to hit a big shot late.”

“A couple of negatives; one, we got outrebounded. That’s really, really disappointing, but we got some stops when we needed to. I’m not happy about giving up 70 points, but I’m happy that we made some stops when we needed to. The second thing is that we’ve got to do is mature as a team and understand time, situation, momentum and the score. Twice we had a double-digit lead with the ball, we take a quick shot, and both times they get it into single digits. That’s a big psychological advantage. They made it tough on us. Those two things we have to get better at.”

“We had 17 assists, but we probably turned the ball over a few too many times. We didn’t force enough turnovers. Coach (Alvin) Brooks did a great job with our defenses tonight. He changed them up. We played a variety of defenses. He did a really nice job. When we had to have some stops our guys did a good job. They hit a pretty good percentage from three. You don’t expect them to shoot many threes. The last thing is, with the way the game is going to be called with the new rules, we’ve got to hit free throws. I have to make sure our guys get more practice with that.”

On what he told the team on the final timeout he called
“I wanted them to take their time and execute. We wanted to get it in. We wanted to run motion, use clock and jam the ball inside. When we play through TaShawn (Thomas) or J.J. (Richardson) inside good things happen. Either they’re going to get double which is going to open it up for an easy inside out shot or they’re going to get a layup. All I wanted to tell them was to get the ball inside, because we had taken a couple of threes and missed. We missed a layup down low. We hadn’t had good possessions so I wanted to make sure we had a good possession.”

On playing better defense
“The one thing about this team is they really believe in themselves offensively, which is good. They have great confidence, but we’ve got to understand there is another end of the floor, and we’ve got to start doing a better job of imposing our will defensively instead of just saying well they scored so we’ll go down and score.”

“We’ve got to get more consistent stops. We’ve got to eliminate second chance opportunities. You cut those in half and you’ve got a chance to win by double digits and maybe in the 20s. That’s something that I always look at, and we’ll need to point that out to the team.”

On the play of the point guards
“Jaaron came in and did a pretty nice job for us. He’s tough. He’s a good player and wants to be coachable. Tione made some nice plays for us. I expect him to be a tough on ball defender. We continue to work with L.J. on that. He’s got to get better defending the ball.”

On what having TaShawn Thomas and Danuel House mean to this team
“I might be sick if I didn’t have them. But no, they’re very talented players. We talked about this at the beginning of the year, about having a first team all-conference player back and the freshman of the year. We’re not two dimensional. We’ve got some other guys who can score. (Jherrod) Stiggers didn’t shoot the ball well tonight. L.J. did a better job tonight. He had double digits. We’ve got to find one other guy. There has been a lot of talk about where we are going to find out points, and how we are going to be at the guard spot. I’m not as worried about the points as I am about the defending and rebounding.”

“Those guys mean balance to us. Danuel had a huge first half. He was really attacking. TaShawn had a much better second half. TaShawn was timid at times. Those guys are capable of going out and getting you 20 or 25 every night. I like the balance they bring. It helps with the inside out attack as well.”


On not letting Texas State gain momentum down the stretch
“Coach (James) Dickey always tells us to attack inside. I felt like Texas State didn’t get back after it scored. I was trying to get down the court, and get in a good position to where they can throw it to me for an easy bucket. Being able to move the ball around, and drive to the basket was key. When they cut it down I knew we had to get a bucket, and I tried to get us one.”

On your ten-point run
“We just got on a streak. If someone on the team is hot we’re going to give them the ball. I kept on scoring, and they kept throwing me the ball. (Danuel) House was telling me to keep it going.  When the stoppage happened after the timeout it went away for a little bit.”

On adjusting to the whistles
“Yeah we’ve had to adjust, because last year you could touch the other guy whereas this year you can’t touch them at all. We worked on that in the preseason so we got use to that during that time. It can be irritating, but we’re use to it by now.”

On the last possession of the game
“All I wanted to do was hit the shot so my team can win. There really wasn’t any design to it. We were trying to run a set to run some clock off. We were trying to attack, and get a look at the basket. We ran the time down and L.J. (Rose) found me at the top of the key.”

On the importance of offensive rebounds
“They are very important in a game. It gives us another chance to score, and time is on your side when you get an offensive rebound.”

On having to back up your freshman year performance
“I feel like I do have to back it up this year. Even though we are in a bigger conference I feel like I have to show people worldwide that I can play.”

On facing new pressure being in a new conference
“We don’t feel any pressure. They voted us to finish sixth or seventh in the conference. Us moving we’re not worried about that, because the game of basketball stays the same. All we have to do is go out there willing to work.”





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