Men's Basketball Postgame Quotes vs. Nicholls State

Nov. 12, 2010

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HEAD COACH James Dickey
Opening thoughts
"I’m happy that we won. We did some really good things tonight. One, we really competed hard. The second thing we did well was played good defense. We can be a really good defensive squad this year if we focus."

"I really dislike the number 26, that’s the second game in a row with that many turnovers. We have to get better with that. We need Trumaine Johnson to start playing better and gain his confidence. With him and Zamal being out with injuries, they missed some valuable practice time. But we still need to take better care of the ball."

"We didn’t have many assists that led to baskets. It’s not that we were selfish, we just didn’t have that many passes that led to baskets immediately. Zamal had a couple really important assists late in the game."

"Our guys kept being resilient and kept battling back. We could have easily folded like a tent after Bose got Adam up in the air and went to the line for three free throws. (Anatoly) Bose is an excellent player and has a great chance to go play for money at the next level. Adam did a good job defending him all night except for that play but Adam left his feet and fouled him."

"Nicholls State is a good team and they are well coached. Bose and (Fred) Hunter are excellent players and have outstanding game and they gave us a great ballgame tonight."

On the end of the game in regulation
"We had a chance to win the game in regulation. We forced a bad three pointer but then missed a block out and let Hunter grab an offensive rebound and gave him a three-point opportunity."

On the scoring runs to open the second half
"I appreciate our fans staying with us when we came out in the second half and we wanted to make a run, but Nicholls State ended up making the run and got us down by 10. Then we made a run and competed really hard during that stretch. Adam was tremendous during that stretch. We went on a 15-0 run and then we relaxed a bit and ended up giving them a 9-0 run."



On the go-ahead-score in overtime
"When we had the time out at the end of the game, I told our guys we are going to score but when we do, we can’t celebrate and we need to play defense. We let Bose have too good of a look there at the end of the game."

"We wanted to get the ball to Zamal and let him clear it out, drive and make a good decision. We missed a screen and Mo had good enough presence to step out and receive the pass. He stayed under control, got to the middle and made a tough shot inside. That’s not the way we drew it up but that’s what you expect from your seniors – to make the smart, tough plays down the stretch."

"You never have a good feeling when you’re down by one point with nine seconds left but I felt like we were going to score on that possession."

"The court was set up that whoever got the ball was going to have some space. We wanted to drive and we knew they didn’t want to foul. Mo really recognized the opportunity and didn’t settle for a jump shot. He took it hard to the hole and capitalized."

On turnovers
"The problem with our turnovers is that we’re causing a lot of them. I don’t want to take anything away from Nicholls State because they’re a well-coached team who plays hard, and they did pressure us but we made some bad decisions. We have some things we can correct."

"If you can cut those turnovers in half, and then  you score on half of those possessions, and you can win a game like that by double-figures. Nicholls played hard defense tonight and are very disciplined and run their shuffle-motion offense well. The biggest problem was our offensive inefficiencies. We gave them way too many possessions."

On Adam Brown
"Adam really competed hard and that’s what you want out of your seniors. He was playing with a lot of confidence and our guys did a good job finding him when he was on his scoring run. He played really good defense on Bose as well. We want him to learn the offense and run it but we also want our players to take what the defense gives you. Adam did a really nice job doing that tonight."

On the go-ahead-score
“We drew up the play for Zamal to pass the ball on the base line, I set the screen and once I saw no one was getting open I knew I could either score or get fouled so I just battled to get to the basket and try and make something happen”

On the game winning shot
“That was the first one of my life, it was an amazing feeling.”


On Kirk’s performance
“I was real happy with Kirk.  This is the hardest I’ve seen him play.  Today he was aggressive, and he was playing tough and that’s what we need him to do.”

On getting out of here with a win
“We’re happy with the win, but we really have to get better.  We still have a lot to learn.  We’re happy, but not satisfied with ourselves.”
“We will practice tomorrow, and that’ll help.  The coaches have given us great scouting reports, so we’ll go over them tomorrow and come out and do our best.”

On the success of forcing the defensive turnovers
“Offense starts with defense.  You can’t get to the offensive side unless you play the defensive side first, and that was our approach we took tonight.” 


On watching the end of the game after sparking a comeback for the team
“Like I told my team, I prayed for 28.9 seconds.  Right after I fouled I knew it was a go ahead play for them, and I got to praying right then and there. God is great.”

On Kirk’s performance
“I was really proud of Kirk.  He hit a really big three-pointer when we were down by two that put us ahead.  I was glad to see how aggressive he played tonight.  I actually challenged him before the game as well, and he accepted it.”

On what was going through his mind on the go ahead play
“Mo and I play one-on-one in practice all the time so I knew he was going to shoot it, and it’s something I wanted to happen.  I knew he could get to the rim on the guy that was guarding him, and make something happen and that’s what he did.  They played great defense, but Mo made a better shot.”

On hitting both free throws with twenty-three seconds left on the clock
“To be honest I didn’t know how much time was on the clock.  I just knew we were down so I focused and knocked them down.”

On coming back out Sunday prepared
“I think the most important thing is to forget about the win today.  Its important for us that we just take one game at a time.”


On his first double-double
“It was fun being out there, and playing hard.  I just tried to win the game with this team.”

On his mindset tonight
“I just come out and try to play as hard as I can.  I got a lot of minutes tonight; I was happy with that.”

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