Houston Men's Basketball vs. UTSA Postgame Quotes

Nov. 14, 2013

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Opening Statement
“First, I’m happy we won. There are some numbers that really jumped out. Twenty-one offensive rebounds, 14-26 from the line and giving up 43 points in the second half is disappointing.  I was pleased with the guys doing it defensively in the first half. We were much better offensively in the second half, but not very good defensively. I was happy for Danrad (Knowles) when he got in the game. He got him a little easy one down low. I’m happy to see him get on the court and see that smile. He’s going to help us as we progress.” 

On working Danrad Knowles into the mix
”The big thing is him understanding what he needs to do in every situation. We’re not going to be afraid to play him, but we want him to gain some confidence and understanding. There’s a learning curve getting used to the system. Not having the opportunity to play in the exhibition game or the first tow games I want to make sure he feels comfortable, and knows what we want and understands how to execute in what we’re trying to do.” 

On how Knowles changes the game
“He stretches the floor. He can post, he can score around the basket, he can rebound, he can run the floor, he can shoot the ball from the perimeter. He presents some problems. He’s long, athletic and has a good feel for the game.” 

On LeRon Barnes’ seven straight points
“He and J.J. (Richardson) really helped us in the second half. LeRon hit a big three and had a nice pass down low. LeRon is a guy that can really help us. He did a very good job and had four rebounds as well." 

On the team’s rebounding
“We didn’t rebound as well as a team. As I told our guys you have to push yourself and play. You can’t play far out like we did in the second half.”



On Jherrod Stiggers’ scoring production tonight
“Jherrod had a chance to have 20 (points) tonight if he hit his free throws. He’s a better free throw shooter than that. But he’s changed his identity. He’s not just relying on the three.  That’s what we want him to do. He got a big offensive rebound too. In the first half he was the guy that had the hot hand. I told our guys we needed to find him.”

On the point guard play so far
“L.J. (Rose) is doing a good job. Tione (Womack) has played really well the last few games. He didn’t score at (UT) Pan-American, but man did he play. He played very good then, and he played very good tonight. Jaaron (Simmons) has been coming in and giving us some good depth.”

On the upcoming game against Lehigh
“It’s been the same thing. We need to get better defensively, compliment your defense with a rebound and be tougher. We are kind of a tougher basketball team. We got beat to some 50/50 balls tonight. When we come out at halftime we have to have a little more pop. We were ready to go to start the game, but we have to have a little more pop at halftime. We’ll work on trying not to have a lull in the second half. They went on a run, and hit some threes and they got confidence.” 

On the free throw shooting
“We’ll work on them. We could have had a bigger lead at halftime. Part of inefficiency in the first half was we had a lot of possessions in the first half where guys just missed. We just missed too many in the first half and didn’t shoot them well for the game.”



On how it felt to play his first collegiate game
“Exciting. It felt good for the first time to play my first actual college game. I’ve never been this happy before. It feels great.”

On being nervous for tonight’s game  
“I had butterflies at the beginning. It felt good.”

On being more comfortable in the post or around the perimeter
“I’m an inside out player, so I feel comfortable with both.” 

On not knowing when he would be able to play
It was tough, but when I got the new I was excited. I was running around the building screaming loud. I couldn’t sleep." 

On preparation last year going into this year
“I just stayed focused and calm. That’s it.”



On what forward Danrad “Chicken” Knowles adds to the team
“More size. Chicken can shoot. He can take a bigger man that really, probably wouldn’t be able to guard him, so he can step out and know down a three or whatever we need. He’s very versatile, so he adds a lot to the team.”

On how defense performs with forward Danrad Knowles and forward TaShawn Thomas 
“They can’t sit in the paint as much as they usually do whenever I’m trying to drive. If they double, that’s just helping him get a bucket too.”

On defense during the first half
“That first half was like the best defensive stand we had all year. Everybody on the court was locked in, ready to play. In the second half, we came out dull and they just came out and kept attacking us. I think we only beat them by one point in the second half, so in the second half we got too complacent and were just going back and forth with them.”


On shooting three-pointers
“I didn’t have a mindset on shooting, but I take what they give me.”


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