Houston vs Alcorn State Postgame Quotes

Nov. 18, 2008

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On the win over Alcorn State
"It feels great, because we were preparing for them all week. We just wanted to come out and play defense and get everyone involved. And prepare for the bigger challenges ahead. We wanted to get ready and play hard defensively."

On his big game dishing out assists
"I really wanted to get 10 assists and get everyone else involved. I came up one short, but everyone played well tonight. I was just dishing the ball out tonight. It's tough (to get 10 assists), you don't really see that very often. But that's my goal, to average 10 assists a game."

On the keys to the offense
"The key to the offense was just running. We wanted to run and we knew we could beat them up and down the court. We knew they couldn't keep up. We just wanted to run and get the bal inside to Cousin."

On his defense br> "I knew their guards couldn't handle it, so I knew my ball pressure was going to get easy baskets. I just wanted to press to get a couple of steals and some easy baskets. Defense wins championships. For us to be a good team, we need to shut people down."

On the offensive explosion
"We scored 110 points tonight. One of our teammates said we hadn't done that in three or four years. I feel that this could be a good offensive team. All we have to do is play defense, because I know we can put points up on the board."

On the importance of not turning over the ball
"All of our coaches stress not giving up turnovers. We just try to stay solid, make the easy pass, don't try to do too much and just play solid. Turnovers at the end of the game could really hurt us. We had a couple of turnovers at the end of the Georgia Southern game and that probably helped give them the edge. We just want to cut the turnovers down, play solid and get W's."

On point guard Desmond Wade's defense
"Desmond is shutting people down. That's the reason we've been winning. It all starts with him. Put pressure on the guards and we just cut off the wings. It all starts off with him and we just feed off him, every game."

On the team's unselfish play against Alcorn State
"We just shared the ball, that's what it came down to - sharing the ball. No one was selfish tonight. It was fun game, but it all started on defense. We shut them down and we did what we didn't against Western Kentucky - box out. We didn't give up any second-chance points from the start. I think that's what opened it up. We never let up. We just kept pushing the ball and made them work."

On Coach's decision to keep the starters in late into the game
"We were trying to work on things to prepare for later in the season. Staying solid and staying with our man so, when you play a team like Arizona, you'll do that. Because, that's when the little things come into play. We work on rebounding and boxing out every day."

On not settling for the three pointers
"I'm going to stick with what I've been doing. I'm not a suburb shooter. I'm going to get to the rack. Every time I take it to the rack, something good happens. I'll leave that to Kelvin (Lewis) to shoot threes. I'm going to drive and find him to shoot the threes. I'm a driver."

On the importance of getting center Marcus Cousin into the game
"It all starts with Marcus (Cousin). Most teams can't match up with him, he's just too big. We just feed it to him 90 percent of the time and let him go to work in the paint."



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