Men's Basketball Quotes vs. Oakland

Nov. 22, 2011

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Opening Statement

"I want to congratulate (Oakland head coach) Greg (Kampe) and his team, and they played the way I thought they would. They were very balanced, and they shared the ball well while they spread the floor out. They drove the ball and got to the free throw line where they are an excellent free throw shooting team. We knew that they were going to be shooting a lot of 3s while they average 17 offensive rebounds a game. They outplayed us and played better than we did tonight. We were up nine in the first half, and then we lost the momentum of the game. We were too impatient offensively, gave up too many offensive rebounds and they got some confidence going in the first half to go up."

On the team's defense
"If you are not sharp at that magic level, it will always show on the defensive end. You will be a step short, and you won't get the 50-50 balls which leads to fouling. We had too many guys in foul trouble, and they drove it hard right at us. We have to be sharp and better than that, so we will be ready to go."

On Kirk Van Slyke
"Kirk has really played well, and he has been more physical inside. We are proud of Kirk for being more physical inside, which has paid off for him. We know he can shoot the ball on the perimeter and pick and pop, but he's scoring inside and rebounding more. He's doing a lot of things that we need him to do."

On the teams practice
"I'm a firm believer in you play basketball the way you practice. The guys who play good when the lights are on are the ones who play good when the lights are off. We have to get ourselves ready for that time and be prepared next time."

On Joseph Young
"'Game shots at game speed' is something we say a lot during practice. You have to put yourself in a situation the best way you can in practice to prepare for the game. It's important to put pressure on during practice to help make the game a lot easier. If you miss shots in practice, then you will have a hard time convincing me you will make shots during the game when someone is guarding you. Joe is a good shooter, and we play better when we share the ball. You can tell the times we scored came when we were swinging the ball and making that extra pass. We were doing too much on the dribble and off of the first pass. Joe got some good looks in the second half, and so did the others. We are better shooters than we displayed tonight."



On Oakland
"You have to give them a lot of credit. They doubled down on the post and forced us to throw it out, and when you throw that inside-out pass, you have to knock down the open shots. They took a chance on us inside, and Alandise and Kirk were terrific inside. Corey Petros was good by having a nice soft touch around the basket with his left shoulder. They have a balanced ball club, and the one guy we did defend well was Bader. They had and offensive rebound late, and they got that deep 3in the corner, which was a killer for us. We couldn't get a stop or a defensive rebound when we needed."

On the positives from the game
"I told our guys I was hoping they wouldn't have to endure this theme to get a lesson. The keys to victory always lie in defeat. We will get back to work and look at film, and the guys will realize what happened tonight. I was concerned about us being sharp and playing with the energy and enthusiasm to play with those guys. We will go back and look how we prepared and how we didn't prepare for this and look how we can get better in the next couple of days."

On the finish of the game

"We came close but we failed to get the defensive rebounds."

On defense in the first half
"Our defense the whole game was horrible."

On improving the defense
"We have to practice harder. We haven't been practicing as hard as we should since the Arkansas game."

On his and Kirk Van Slyke's combined 49 points
"We just weren't focused, since the Arkansas game."

On the finish of the game

"We couldn't box out on defense which made it difficult for us to stop them."

On Oakland's defense adjusting after the first half
"I posted hard, but I didn't hit down some shots that I should have. I should have rebounded better. I don't think it was anything that they did; I just think we should have played harder. They played great; we just couldn't execute."

On offensive mentality
"I'm just trying to do my job and help win. I'm trying to rebound, be a post presence, provide a spark off the bench and just play hard."

On their practice plan for the rest of the week
"We'll try to get tougher in practice and try to come back and beat TCU.

On Oakland overall tonight
"They finished the game out solid. They played great, they hit their shots on and off the free throw line and executed."

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