Men's Basketball Postgame Quotes vs. TCU

Nov. 26, 2011

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HEAD COACH James Dickey
On the difference in the game

"The play that beat us was the true telling stat to the game. They had 15 offensive rebounds. We tell the guys it's not the first shot that beats us; more times than not, it's the second shot. We just didn't defend the last six seconds very well. You have to play the whole 40 minutes, and we didn't do that."

On his reaction from the game
"I'm proud of the way our guys competed, but when you get down to it, we're not defending very well. We gave up 81 points and 43 in the first half. We didn't complement our defense by giving up offensive rebounds. Those are the areas we have to get better for us to have as good a team as we can have. We have to defend better and rebound better."

On giving up too many second chance points
"You can't help teams. We helped TCU tonight to the tune of 23 points off of second chance points and turnovers. Those are the areas we've got to cut down on and get better."

On the quick turnaround
"We don't have time to be down about this. We've got to turn around and play LSU on Tuesday night, and we've got to respond in a positive way."

On playing smart
"We played hard, but we didn't play as cerebral as we could have. We had some guys make big plays, but we didn't make those plays when we needed to."

On what can be gained from this
"It's tough to lose one like that, but we have to learn from that. Hopefully, we learned two pretty good lessons this week... one about preparation and two about playing a full 40 minutes. We have to combine both of those with getting better defensively and better defensive board play."

On his team's aggression
"We're just not aggressive. We're playing tentative, and another thing we're doing is getting in foul trouble. We're taking some of our key guys out. Because of that in the last two games we've been soft defensively. We're not aggressive and getting deflections and playing with the confidence we need to."



On the offensive droughts
"We've got to put the ball in the hole. I didn't think we took many bad shots tonight. We played inside out well. It hurt us when Alandise picked up his third foul. We were really scoring well. We've got to be more efficient and execute better."

On buying into playing defense
"You aren't going to have offense every night, so you've got to have defense and defensive board play every night. That's what we need to get to. We have to buy into that totally for us to be as good as we need to be."

On defending the final play
"What we tried to do is to make them catch it with their back to the basket and keep everything in front. If they throw one in, then they throw one in. Just keep everything in front and if the ball is shot, you have to go grab it."

On how they were able to execute the final play
"They got too deep. That's what gave them a chance. We have to keep the ball further away."

On having a young team
"I've been through this with a freshman class before. The growing pains are hurtful. We try to coach them in practice and in film session so that translates over, but sometimes you have to experience this on the court. We're not playing with the same confidence that we need to."

On playing well at home
"The guys want to get the crowd back so bad. They want to have people come back and see them play, but as I've told them, in order for that to happen, you've got to win. We're playing a little tight and not as confident offensively. You send the wrong message out when you allow people to come in and win on your home court. You have to defend your home court, and that's something we need to do a better job."

"They're athletic, strong and they execute. They made some big shots. We never got control of the game. They're more experienced than we are, but our guys competed well. Those are games you just have to find a way to win. Somebody has to make a play"

On the future of his team
"They're young, and they're going to get better. They're hungry. They're learning how to prepare themselves, and they're also learning that the other team wants to win just as bad as they do. You can't just show up; you have to show up and go to battle."

On the last second shot at the end of the game

"I just let my man get behind me after coach said to keep them in front. I let him get behind, and he got the shot."

On the emotions after the loss
"It hurts. At the beginning of the year, we told each other we did not want to lose at home. Losing at home hurts a lot."

On being a freshman and being able to make plays down the stretch
"Being a freshman, you know you have to play hard to be on the court. That's what we were trying to do the whole game, but we just couldn't pull it out."

On Joseph Young's 3-pointers
"It got the crowd hyped. He got us back into the game. His shots built up our momentum, and we just tried to finish the game."

On TCU's athleticism
"They were very athletic and physical. We played against a lot of physical teams, but this was one of the most physical teams we played against."

On what to learn from tonight's game
"We learned to play hard all the way through. This game pushed us to our limits, and we need to play hard."

On the sequence of the last plays of the game

"I knew the shot clock was running down. I just tried to get quick points before time ran out."

On the feelings down the stretch
"We fought hard at the end. We tried to pull it out but could not come away with a win.

On turnovers in the game
"We need to make smart decisions with the ball. We need to not turn it over so much."

On what to learn from tonight's game
"We have to box out more."

On the fight to win the lead back

"We fought hard. We were down 15 and had to score and make stops."

On losing the lead
"It was disappointing. The last-second shot was hard."

On making plays to get back in the game
"You have to make plays and make shots in order to win."

On TCU's success on the offensive glass
"It was challenging. It gave us a challenge. If we went weak, they came hard. We had to step it up. They played hard."

On blocking the alley oop
"I just did not want them to take the game away. I just wanted to make a stop."

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