POST GAME QUOTES: Houston 83, Cornell 53

Nov. 26, 2016

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Opening Statement
“We’re 5-0. I saw a lot of good stuff out there. Devin (Davis) got us off on a good start. Our guards mixed their defenses up. This is our fourth game in six days. We played Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, traveled Thursday, and got back here Thursday morning. We practiced yesterday and played today. We were a little sluggish at times, but we got over that. It’s good to get a win.”

On the importance of having so many games on a short amount of time
“We have a good team. Yale goes and wins at Washington… well, they lost to Vermont today. That just tells you how good Vermont was, and we knew that going into our game.”

“For our team, the more we play together, with a guy like (Morris) Dunnigan comes off the bench to see he’s got some talent. Armoni Brooks, a freshman, has got some talent. We need some practice time now. We need work on our man-to-man defense.”

“The problem with our man-to-man defense is fouls. We’re playing good defense, but then there is a whistle. We are putting guys on the foul line too much. We going to have to figure out a curve ball to our fast ball. We going to have to develop different defenses than just our man-to-man.”

On freshman guard Armoni Brooks
“He’s going to improve on everything. There is not one thing that he is not going to improve on.  That kid is 18 years old. He can rebound, he can shoot it, he’s a good one-dribble, pull-up guy. He’s a great kid. You can tell, he didn’t know whether in he was coming in on foot or on a horseback in October or early November. You can tell every game that goes along, he’s showing a little bit more. He’s going to be a really good player here.”

“He’s in a tough spot because he’s playing behind veteran guys. He won’t be able to start in front of them. The more he develops in practice, the more minutes he’ll get. The best thing that Armoni has going for him is that he gets to go against (Damyean) Dotson, Rob (Gray) and Wes (VanBeck) every day. Those guys are all great practice players, and he’s had to develop. His intensity, competitiveness, and toughness levels… those are the three things he has got to improve on the most.



On beating teams by double digits
“In the Vermont game, we were up 12. All of a sudden, they started raining those threes. A lot of those threes were off double-penetration kick outs. We have to do a better job at keeping the ball in the paint. Our defense has to get better but you know its November. I’m not trying to be great in November. We’ve got a long way to go until March. I’d like to be playing our best basketball in February and March, not in November.”

On the conference
“Temple has a couple great wins. This conference is a good conference. UConn has had some tough luck, but they’ll get it together. They’re too talented not to. SMU, Temple, Cincinnati, Memphis, they’re all good teams. They have really good coaches, players and prideful programs. This league is a great league to play in.”

On road game against LSU
“We just want to continue to get better. This time of year, it’s not about the losing. This is basketball. Syracuse went to the Final Four and lost 15 games.”

“Losing a game is not a big deal. You’re going to get nicked if you play enough games. Florida State and West Virginia lose to Temple. Temple got beat by New Hampshire. For college basketball, you have to put it into the right context. There’s no finality in losses in college. You learn from them and move on.

“The big key for us as far as playing LSU is understanding we beat them last year, so they will be ready to play. For other things like rebounding, we have to make shots. When you go on the road, it’s a make or miss game.”

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